September 26, 2014

National Same Day Courier Services and Business Performance

How Can a National Same Day Courier Service like NAPAREX Build Your Business?

Individual customers are not always the target in the new fast-paced, business-to-business marketplace. While individual customers remain important, targeting other businesses for sales can help increase company revenue and improve business performance. By choosing a national same day courier service, deliveries can be made both faster and more cost-effectively.

 What is a Courier Service?

 At the national level, a courier service is a third-party business that can ensure your deliveries are picked up and sent as speedily as you need them to be. Courier services such as those offered by Naparex include pick-up immediately, within hours, with a day, or overnight. Naparex is a national and local courier service, which also offers deliver to most cities in Canada. They have several strategic locations across the United States and Canada, and can be reached at 1-866-577-1603.

Types of Distribution

 National courier services offer many types of distribution, including e-commerce, home, and retail distribution. If a business offers services both online and in-store, this can especially benefit them. Some courier services also offer white glove delivery. White glove delivery ships large items, such as furniture and appliances, and offers both assembly of some items and removal of any packaging materials.

How Can a National Courier Service Improve a Business?

Lower Delivery Prices 

In general, national courier services offer the businesses they work with lower delivery costs than those associated with shipping through the post office. This is especially true for companies that either deliver too many customers, or companies that deliver large quantities to other businesses. If a business does a lot of deliveries, paying lower delivery charges can leave significantly more room for profit within the business.

Better Service to Customers 

Whether a business is delivering to individual customers, or other businesses, using an international courier service can help to provide better service to their customers. The speed of which courier services operate are often significantly faster than those offered by traditional delivery methods. They are also more cost-effective. When businesses are able to make profit by spending less on shipping goods, they are able to pass these savings on to customers.

Courier Services also Offer Logistics Services 

Many courier services also offer logistics services to the businesses they work with. This helps to manage the flow of goods, information, and resources between several points. It is a safe, and effective way to share information between other businesses, or even different branches of the same company.

Free Up Your Time to Manage the Business

By allowing a national courier service to manage both deliveries and logistics, businesses can help give themselves an edge in the competitive business-to-business marketplace. This also frees up valuable company time. When a company does not have to spend vast amounts of time managing their own deliveries, and worrying about whether or not they are keeping up with customer demand, more time can be spent focusing on improving the business. This free time can be used to train employees to work better, conduct research on new market segments, and make important decision necessary to run the business effectively, efficiently, and profitably.

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June 30, 2014

NAPAREX Provides Small Business Solutions in the Courier Industry

Affordable and Efficient Deliveries for Small Businesses with NAPAREX

Most local, national, and international business is conducted on an ecommerce platform, and customers are used to getting products and services delivered as quickly as possible, preferably the same day they were ordered. This is where NAPAREX, short for National Parcel Express, is gaining popularity in the world of couriers. They pride themselves on cost effectiveness and using every type of technological platform to deliver package of all sizes  with the same amount of care and diligence.

While it is feasible for large corporations to handle the fees associated with courier giants like FedEx and UPS, smaller companies need the same services for less.

The small companies need to know that their business to business documents will be delivered quickly and that there is no need to worry about compromising the confidentiality or time sensitivity of the delivery. NAPAREX promises same day courier services to businesses and homes without the hefty fees that the larger couriers charge.

FedEx and UPS are known for delivering small and large shipments all around the world, but they are rarely recognized for local courier services. NAPAREX specializes in helping important documents, such as legal papers or presentations, get safely from one place to another right within the same city. While many companies rely on email and faxes to exchange documents, some documents must be hand delivered and signed to ensure confidentiality and the integrity of the information. This may also be true for some prototypes of new products, machine parts, or pieces of art for a gallery. NAPAREX handles each of these situations with care.

One of the major ways that NAPAREX has made it easier for businesses to access courier services is by branching out into various communication mediums.

If a customer feels most confident placing an order through a representative over the phone, operators are available to take delivery calls and answer questions. There are also online chat specialists prepared for live chat to assist with deliveries. In terms of social media, NAPAREX is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and they even have their own blog. If a company is unsure of the quality of service, they can read the blog or read through hundreds of customer reviews to see what other companies have to say about their experiences.

With the emergence of the fast-paced ecommerce business world, NAPAREX is receiving recognition for its ecommerce distribution services.

Companies are choosing to use NAPAREX as their same day delivery service instead of the United States Postal Service or FedEx. Retailers are able to integrate their ecommerce software with NAPAREX, providing customers with quick delivery of their products. This is a mutually beneficial business relationship for both companies because NAPAREX gets the recognition for its speedy delivery and the ecommerce site gets positive customer reviews for getting products into the customers hands as fast as they could get them from a local store.

There is no shipment too big or small for NAPAREX, and the fact that they treat every order with the same professionalism is allowing them to emerge as a leader in deliveries for small businesses. As more local stores begin to build their ecommerce platforms, NAPAREX continues to grow along with them by providing same day delivery, allowing the small shops, factories, and in-home businesses to reach customers clear across the country.

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March 3, 2014

Winter of 2014 Effects on Business and National Delivery

National Delivery is provided by NAPAREX and are moved by land or air to ensure the safest delivery of your time-sensitive material. We can assist you with your national and nationwide courier service needs.

  • For the fifth consecutive year, winter weather was a major cause of organizational disruption in 2013, affecting 77 per cent of organizations
  • Of those managers affected by snow this winter, an average cost of $86,000 was experienced by their organizations.
  • The most common effects of snow disruption during winter were:
    • Staff unable to come to work due to travel disruption (63 per cent)
    • Staff unable to come to work due to school closures/childcare issues (46 per cent)
    • External meetings or business trips cancelled (43 per cent)
  • Aside from snow, the other most experienced causes of disruption during 2012 were:
    • Loss of people due to illness (42 per cent)
    • Loss of IT (40 per cent)
    • Loss of telecommunications (27 per cent)
  • UPS says revenue reduced by $50M on refunds for missed deliveries

Winter of 2014 Effects on Business and National Delivery

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February 17, 2014

Same Day Delivery Took Longer Than Expected

Same Day Delivery Took Longer Than Expected

In the late 1800s, the United States Postal Service held a monopoly on package and parcel delivery. Back then, the notion of same day delivery was simply unheard of. The United States Postal Service was accused of frequently inflating delivery prices, which soon resulted in the establishment of private delivery services.

Wells Fargo was the first company to tout the availability of “express delivery.” Due to the California gold rush, the need for express banking and depositing services was amplified. This created a firm foundation for Wells Fargo in the stagecoach business.

In 1918, the United States Railroad Administration was formed, and this caused the package and parcel delivery service to grow exponentially. As Wells Fargo began to reduce their delivery services to focus on banking services, the United Parcel Service was established with motor freight as their main source of business. Fast forward to 1977 as Federal Express, also known as FedEx, quickly became the forerunner in express package delivery because of their air services. FedEx air service was able to deliver small package to customers overnight.

At this time, same day delivery service was more realistic than ever, especially between close geographic locations. As the United States continued to grow and develop, more technology was being developed to aid in expedited package delivery. As the internet came into existence, business to consumer retail services were establishing all over the world. People discovered that an easier way to find what they needed to purchase was online. Express delivery, two day delivery, and overnight delivery soon were all options available to the US consumer. Projected to become a reality in the near future is drone delivery service. A well-known online retailer is determined to make drone delivery a reality. Maybe we are not too far from being like The Jetsons after all!

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January 3, 2014

Retail Shopping and National Delivery by NAPAREX

Many retailers have an increase in their National Delivery services around the holidays. Foot traffic at physical retail stores was 2.7% higher for the Thanksgiving Day weekend last year. 28% of the shoppers who went to physical stores over the Black Friday 2012 weekend started shopping by midnight on Thanksgiving day. Total spending on Black Friday weekend 2012 was $59.1 billion, compared to $52.4 billion on Black Friday 2011. The total number of consumers who visited stores on Black Friday was estimated to be more than 307 million. Compared to average November foot traffic, American Eagle Outfitters, Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret, jcpenney saw the biggest increases in foot traffic in their store on Black Friday 2012. And remember, NAPAREX provides National Delivery service for any last minutes gifts you need to send.
Retail Shopping and National Delivery by NAPAREX

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December 26, 2013

What Items are Shipped and How National Delivery Works – Why Individuals And Businesses Need NAPAREX Services

For National Delivery, a courier is what you will need to ensure the secure delivery of any package, small to large. Courier Services may mean envelopes to one person or large shipments of products to another. This shows that the services of a courier company are extremely versatile. Some couriers only deliver a certain type of item, while others delivery virtually anything.

national-delivery-naparexnational-delivery-naparexnational-delivery-naparexMost businesses cannot survive without a courier. They rely on them to transport the orders for products and goods to retail locations in order to thrive. Without the courier, there is no business to run and no income to thrive. NAPAREX will handle all types of deliveries that need to be made. National Deliveries of small envelopes or pallets of products can be and are shipped on a daily basis.

The technology of this company is far ahead of its time, offering real time tracking with GPS locators installed inside each of the delivery fleet trucks. Along with national delivery, they also offer same day delivery and other services that businesses will find extremely valuable. With the locations that this company has available; all individuals who have small packages or large shipments to be delivered put their faith and livelihood in the hands of this company. The inventory management technology that has been set into place and implemented is that of a detailed operation in order to maintain proper inventory numbers and customer satisfaction. Each order is placed, accounted for, logged, and shipped. The clients are able to track the inventory as well. The inventory management control is accessible for each and every client who will need to go over numbers as far as inventory management and so on. The facility not only houses this amazing technology but also provides well trained, efficient employees who are ready to check in, maintain, and ship inventory as necessary.

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November 21, 2013

History of Fall and Reason of Leaf Color Change: Dangerous Delivery Driving Conditions Due To Autumn

NAPAREX - National Delivery Service AutumnNational delivery service is a component of daily living. Regardless of the weather conditions, time of day, or time of year it is utilized and extremely crucial to existence, as we know it. Fall or autumn seems to bring additional precipitation and can place further pressure on the drivers.

The term autumn is known to have Old French origins. It is from the word autompne, which is derived from the Latin word autumnus. It was the word used after the sixteenth century. However, before the sixteenth century the season was referred to as harvest. This is due to crops needing to be harvested the same time every year, which happened to be that season. Once those who were literate moved to cities, the word was used to label the action to harvest and no longer used to describe the season.

The term fall is used for one of the seasons we experience annually. Fall is derived from the old Germanic language. It does make sense do to the fact that leaves change color and fall from trees. It is a simple word that explains and describes what happens during this time of year.

The reason behind falling leaves is to protect the tree. During the winter months, the leaves would freeze and die. In order to produce food during the months that will not freeze the trees must separate the leaves from its branches. If there are dead leaves already attached there is no room for living ones to photosynthesize for the tree to thrive. The process of ridding itself of leaves begins with cells that are found in the leaves. The cells are called abscission cells; this word is derived from the same word that scissors derives from, which means to cut. It is because these cells act as a pair of biological scissors. The fall of the leaves is imperative to the tree’s survival. The leaves create a layer of slippery mass on the streets as the trees shed the leaves going deeper into the season. The National delivery service provides take extra precaution during these months.

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October 15, 2013

Interesting Facts about National Trucking by NAPAREX

By Scott Gallagher

One-third of all semi-trucks that are operating in the U.S. are registered in California, Florida, and Texas. Semi-trucks drive an average of 140 billion miles a year in the U.S. About 70% of all goods in the U.S. are delivered by semi-truck. Agricultural and building materials are the two leading goods in regards to weight transported. Out of all the commercial trucks, semi-trucks only make up 15% of them; however, they travel 42% of all miles traveled by commercial trucks. For all of your National Trucking needs, be sure to call NAPAREX at 866-577-1603 today.

Interesting Facts about National Trucking

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October 11, 2013

Beringia Land Bridge: Tunnel For Beringia Land Mass

Bering Land Bridge and International Courier NAPAREXAn international courier service would never have a problem if all continents had a land bridge like the Bering Land Bridge, which is a prehistoric land bridge. It stretched approximately one thousand miles wide and linked Asia and North America during the prehistoric ice ages. When the global sea levels the land mass was exposed. Scientists studies prehistoric plants and rock from the land bridge and Alaska. Both areas had the same plants and rock. Due to the evidence, they concluded that the lands were attached in prehistoric times.


In 1937, Eric Hulten a Swedish botanist named the land bridge Beringia. For the duration of the ice ages, Beringia was not covered with ice like other land masses. This was because it received dreadfully modest amount of snowfall. Researchers propose that there was an exceptionally minute population of humans that inhabited the grass land of Beringia. They estimate the population had reached a few thousand.


This group of humans survived through the last glacial maximum. They had been separated from the rest that lived in Asia for approximately five thousand years. They then spread out and started to populate the Americas. It is said that the migrations of the humans that inhabited the region took place approximately twenty thousand years ago.


Before the European colonization, Yupik people inhabited Beringia. The Yupik culture resides the region presently. However, the land mass now lays below the water up to a hundred meters offshore. The governments of the United States and Russia had planned on shared Beringian heritage in 2012. It was to create ties between Cape Krusenstern National Monument in the United States and the Beringia National Park in Russia. In 2011, Russia announced that they were going forward with a plan to build a tunnel or bridge across the Bering Strait. This would make international courier service easier. It would allow passage for travelers.

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August 8, 2013

Proper Wedding Gift Etiquette

One of the most delightful and fulfilling family gatherings is that of a wedding in the family. This is the time for reunions and happy congratulations, often celebrated by the event attendance and the giving of gifts. If a family member cannot attend the blessed event, what is the protocol and etiquette for the sending and receiving of wedding gifts? First of all, it is always appropriate to immediately send a gift by the Courier Service at the first receipt of the wedding or shower invitation. This enables the gift giver to have first choice in the registries and not have to search for a budget friendly gift.

NAPAREX - Wedding Etiquette

What gifts are appropriate for a wedding? Many times the bride and groom will register with local venues for their most anticipated items. China, silver, dinnerware, household items, furniture that is selected by the bridal couple, and bed linens are just a few of the necessary items needed to establish a household. Glassware, baking sets, wall art, room accessories, electronics including televisions, and kitchen appliances are all now included in the wedding registries. In addition, gift cards to stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot for the yard and garden tools and plants are a helpful addition to the wedding gifts.

For the deliverance of the wedding gift, do not wait and bring the gift to the wedding. This will give the bride and groom one more responsibility on an already stressful day. There are always last minute details for the couple to remember and someone will have to babysit the gifts, as there are ruthless thieves that attend wedding receptions for that intent and purpose. To reduce the stress for the couple, have the gift delivered by the Courier Service at the address they have requested on the registry. If you are sending a check, address it to the happy couple and send it by courier to ensure its safe receipt.

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July 22, 2013

Fascinating Facts about Flight

The Wright brothers’ first flight at Kitty Hawk, NC could have been performed within the (150-foot) economy section of a 747-400. Before Air Traffic Control Towers were developed, pilots avoided other aircraft by a method called “see and be seen”. Prior to 1926, a person could fly passengers or goods without obtaining a pilot’s license. “Air stewardess” was the official title given to the position that we now refer to as “Flight Attendant”. The first Air Stewardess was Ellen Church and she began work with United Airlines in May 1930. Harriett Quimby was the first woman to earn a pilot’s license in 1911. NAPAREX has what it takes to complete Same Day Delivery.

Fascinating Facts about Flight

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July 19, 2013

How to Ship a Package

The day has arrived to ship a package to your business associate across town and schedule a Same Day Delivery with your local courier. Properly packaging and addressing the container is important to ensure the correct delivery of a complete and undamaged package. Assessing the contents of the package is the first step before properly addressing and packing the documents or merchandise. Utilizing the proper container, addressing the container clearly, and protecting the shipment from the weather are all essential elements of a successful courier delivery.

Place all of the contents of the package to be shipped onto a table to assure all of the components are ready to ship. If the contents are documents, choose the smallest container that will allow the papers to be smooth and wrinkle-free. Staple the papers together and number them so they will be in the correct order. Place the papers inside the cardboard container in a waterproof envelope or bag. Seal the bag inside the cardboard packaging with the recipient address inside and close the courier envelope.  Tape the package closed so the papers won’t accidentally slip out to the pavement.

With a dark colored waterproof marker, label the outside of the package. Clearly print the name, company name, street address, city, state and zip code of the package recipient. If your handwriting is not legible, type a label with the important recipient information. Place this label on both the inside of the package and on the outside of the container. Tape over this label with waterproof sealant to ensure the label does not smear. Although you are requesting a Same Day Delivery, if the weather is inclement or has a high humidity factor, the ink on the package can melt and run. Place your return address in the upper left corner with the same waterproofing methods so the package can be returned if the recipient has moved.

Below is an example of poor package shipping:

Package Delivery - NAPAREX

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July 8, 2013

NAPAREX Delivers Across the Nation

The longest Interstate route is I-90 at 3,020.54 miles long. It begins in Seattle, WA and ends in Boston, MA. I-95 is the most costly route and also travels through the most states. It travels through 16 states, including Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland, Delaware,  Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, New Hampshire, and Maine. There are about 1,214 rest areas in existence along the Interstate System. All but four State capitals are directly served by the Interstate System. Those not directly served are Juneau, Dover, Jefferson City, and Pierre. NAPAREX has what it takes to be your national delivery service.

National Delivery Service by NAPAREX

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July 1, 2013

The Advantages of Using a Courier Service

NAPAREX Courier ServiceMany people think that using a postal service is the only way to get a package delivered, but utilizing a Courier Service has several advantages. Couriers are agencies that hand deliver packages to their destinations quickly and safely. They will deliver just about anything, but they are mostly used for document and monetary deliveries.

One advantage that a courier service has over the postal service is the fact that they move quickly. Couriers have the staff and resources available at the drop of a hat. With the postal service, you have to drop your documents in the mail, wait for them to be picked up, have them shipped, and then wait for a delivery person to deliver them on their business hours. A courier service can take the item right out of your hands and get it where it needs to go immediately with much less hassle.

A second advantage that a courier service has is that they are very reliable. When you send something in the mail, you run the risk of it getting lost or damaged as it passes through several hands, boxes, and vehicles. A courier will put insurance on your package and deliver it at the time that you specify. If something happens to the item, the couriers are responsible for paying for damages or replacement.

A final reason to choose a courier service is the fact that they are affordable. You get all of the services of the postal service, but it is all at a fixed price. Insurance and all other costs are included in that price.

If you are looking for a safe, reliable, and affordable way to get your documents and packages delivered, then a Courier Service is a great option. The quick service and fixed price make it stand out against a postal service.

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May 29, 2013

What does a Courier Service Offer?

Couriers are responsible for picking up and delivering messages, packages, letters, and even important documents such as legal papers and money in a much faster method than traditional mailing. Courier delivery companies boast of offering the most responsive customer-oriented point-to-point delivery service. Some of the services that courier delivery companies offer are:

  • Local, National, and International Couriers
  • Logistic
  • Distribution
  • On Demand
  • Scheduled or Routed
  • Same Day Delivery

What does a Courier Service offer?

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May 21, 2013

NAPAREX – Giving Consumers Options

Same Day Delivery Service Today, consumers have the option of same day courier service. There are situations when you cannot settle for overnight delivery of a package. Under such urgent situations, same day delivery is the solution.

Have you ever heard the name NAPAREX? They are synonymous with same day courier service. When you need a package to be delivered as soon as possible, you need a service you can trust. There are many situations when overnight delivery does not suffice, and same day delivery becomes necessary.

Same day delivery obviously costs more. What would you do if you needed to send urgent paperwork in hard copy on the same day you complete it? Same day courier is the only reliable option you have. It could be the last-minute entry of a quote for a contract, or it could be a legal document modified at the last moment that must be delivered immediately. Whatever the item might be, when you need it delivered as soon as possible, same day delivery is the option you need.

NAPAREX specializes in same day delivery service. Another reason for choosing their services is special care for the package being delivered. If you want extra precautions taken with the package, same day delivery is a good choice. So for an important package, you could opt for this service just to ensure its safety.

Same day delivery service also provides advance technology-based tracking of your package. If you are looking to deliver a package that is of critical importance and want it to be tracked throughout with reliable and advanced technology, Same Day Delivery Service is the option you should look for. Service providers like NAPAREX always provide an advanced tracking system.

Same day delivery is an essential option if you want documents and packages to be delivered fast. It also provides a higher level of reliability regarding delivery because that is the very foundation of their service. Additional precautions in ensuring the safety of your shipment is also a reason for using a courier service. Considering all these factors, it is advisable that you utilize the services provided by companies like NAPAREX to ensure that critical documents and packages go through quickly and safely.

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Hayley O'Hara

May 17, 2013

Introducing The Customized Logistics and Delivery Association

The association formerly known as the Messenger Courier Association made a historic change to the organization when it changed its name to The Customized Logistics and Delivery Association- CLDA.

The announcement was made last week at the associations’s annual meeting in New Orleans. The name change is in response to a rapidly changing industry and only one of the changes the association is undergoing to recognize and support it’s members.

CLDA President, Rob Johnstone, had the following to say about the association’s re-branding:

“Several years ago, the MCAA board began wrestling with the issue of our name. Some felt the ‘messenger’ and ‘courier’ terms no longer fit. The words restricted customers’ views of what the association’s members could deliver. While the name served us well for the first 25 years of the organization, it does not tell the story of what our members do today. Our members still provide on-demand, same-day deliveries, but many have added services like logistical support, distribution, warehousing, and inventory management to their traditional courier duties. They are critical contributors to the global supply chain, going well beyond their courier roots to meet their customers’ changing needs.”

To learn more about the association and how it might benefit you to become a member visit their website! Naparex is a proud member of the CDLA and we encourage our agents and any other company looking for growth and progress in the industry to look into membership!

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April 15, 2013

Job Responsibilities of Courier Service Drivers

Minneapolis Courier ServiceCourier service drivers play a critical role in keeping the world moving forward. Many of them own their own vehicles and use technology as an integral component of the job duties. They are responsible for loading, unloading, and logging the pickup and drop off times of every parcel they transport.

Job Duties of Courier Drivers

Minneapolis Courier Service delivery drivers have several job duties they perform each day. Couriers play a key role in the daily success of the corporate world, but also across all branches of a country’s infrastructure. Courier drivers move parcels from one location to specific destinations while constantly being challenged by deadlines and schedules. Regardless of size or geographic location, all businesses will need the skills provided by courier drivers. Some couriers are their own bosses and are referred to as independent contractors by the (Internal Revenue Service) IRS. Independent contractors often work for more than one company, bolstering that organization’s delivery battalion. When shipping demands exceed the employed courier workforce, businesses temporarily hire staff drivers.

Courier drivers are charged with driving and delivering the work truck to the pick-up location and delivering parcels to their intended destinations. Drivers must load and unload parcels using dollies and other mechanical delivery assistance tools. They depend heavily on technology for route mapping, tracking their deliveries, logging pickup times of new packages and recording delivery time, completing paperwork, and maintaining a pleasant and friendly demeanor when interacting with customers. Independent contractor couriers must adhere to the rules established by the IRS in order to qualify to work as an independently. They must finance their own insurance and most often own his or her own delivery vehicle. When handling materials that will be damaged or sullied by the oil in the hands, hire the Minneapolis Courier Service and request their white glove delivery service.

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March 5, 2013

Know and Experience the Difference at Chicago Courier Service

Chicago Courier Serivce by NAPAREXPeople searching for a Chicago Courier Service are in luck.  For the most part, these services are well managed, professional operations.  While you might run across a poorly run company every now and them, most of these services are very efficient.  There are some well-known courier and logistics services in Chicago.  Finding these companies is as simple as asking your business neighbors which companies they use, and asking those companies for an estimate.

One Chicago Courier Service that you will hear often is NAPAREX.  They have proven to be an affordable alternative to FedEx and UPS.  NAPAREX is a popular choice among businesses in the Chicagoland area.

As popular as NAPAREX has become, however, it is still important to check out all of your options.  There are several smaller operators in and around the city that might be able to offer your business a more personalized level of service.  These smaller companies tend to be more flexible with their customers, but can lack the efficiencies that size gives to larger companies.  Having an assortment of companies give you a bid will allow you not only to compare the companies with each other but to also help you decide between a larger corporation of a locally run business.

The keys to hiring a courier service in the Chicagoland area is to get references from other businesses that use courier services, and to ask for estimates or bids from more than one service before making a decision.  You might decide to go with a dependable international brand like NAPAREX or FedEx, or the bidding process might show you that a small local business will better suit your needs.  Know your budget and your needs, and then compare the estimates you receive with your needs.  If done carefully, choosing a Chicago Courier Service is not as difficult as it might appear.

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February 26, 2013

The Work Environment for a Courier

Couriers and messengers transport documents and packages for individuals, businesses, institutions, and government agencies. Courier and messengers usually travel by foot, bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, or public transportation. While most couriers and messengers work full-time during regular business hours, evening and weekend hours are common.

Couriers and messengers held about 116,200 jobs in 2010. About one-fifth worked for courier and delivery service businesses; about one-quarter were self-employed. Most independent contractors do not get benefits, but they may get higher pay. While most couriers and messengers work full time during regular business hours, evening and weekend hours are common. This is especially true for companies like NAPAREX that offer customer national same day delivery.

NAPAREX - The Work Environment for a Courier


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January 28, 2013

Retail Same Day Delivery and the Growing Consumer Demand

When I moved to the United States in 2005, there were a few things I knew about this country, especially growing up in the shadows of the richest dream filled nation.  As an entrepreneur, I aspired to live the American dream, and enjoy the freedoms of entrepreneurship.  Freedom however isn’t solely about constitutional rights, it’s about choices, and with a capitalistic economy, meant corporations were able to provide unlimited choices to enhance their buyers’ experiences.

It is no surprise to me the discussion of same day delivery for retailers, especially from American corporations.  Americans are busy people, moving quickly to get to the next facet of enjoyment.  While according to Entrepreneur Magazine, FedEx is one of the top 10 most recognizable and trusting brands in America.  People love getting their purchases quicky, and FedEx solved this issue with overnight delivery.  However, in today’s information age, this can be much more quickly, in a matter of hours.  Unfortunately for FedEx, their entire distribution network is set up for Overnight and beyond.  The country’s little courier network of 11,000 Same Day delivery companies can collaborate and provide Same Day Delivery of almost any type of item in the United States.

This means any mom and pop shop can in theory offer Same Day Delivery from their website purchases.

This means Retailers with brick and mortar locations can ship from their stores.

We conducted a survey in the United States that has a 3% +/- margin of error.  We asked 1100 American consumers about their willingness to pay extra for Same Day Delivery over our perceived notion that standard delivery is free.

An overwhelming 48% of American consumers are willing to pay at least 25% more for Same Day Delivery versus the current overnight charges.

Interestingly, 71% of American consumers are willing to choose Same Day Delivery all the time if the price is the same as overnight delivery.

NAPAREX can provide retail Same Day Delivery for roughly the same price as overnight because of the efficiencies in the delivery network.

Truth is the idea of Free delivery has corrupted Americans.  Nothing is free, and the delivery price is paid for by the retailer or ecommerce store.  Still, 28% of Americans are not willing to pay a premium over free shipping.  However, free shipping is no longer a competitive advantage.

Taking a closer look into the needs of Americans, not all purchases require same day delivery from buyers.  We considered all the various types of products purchased from local retailers; such as Food Products, Hard Goods (applicances/ electronics / furniture) and Soft Goods (clothing and consumables).

To our surprise, WANTS are more important now than our NEEDS

Over 60% of respondents said they would NEVER choose same day delivery for FOOD products, however 75% of respondents said they would choose Same Day Delivery with a 25% for their hard goods, at least when they were in a pinch.  A surpringling 6% of respondants claimed they would always choose same day delivery for hard goods with a 50% premium, where only 2.4% claimed they are willing to pay a large premium to have their consumables delivered Same Day.

While this may be a surprise, we can understand this phenomena through studies of our satisfaction received by people and things.  People want their WANTS met now.

This is an interesting point.  As we navigate and grow our retail same day delivery business, we are partnering with retailers that sell consumer wants, such as Electronic Retailers and Warehouse Stores.  Consider this graph.

An impressive 47% of respondants are willing to pay a premium for Electronic deliveries same day, meanwhile only 23% are willing to pay a premium from their Health Food stores.

I recall a power adapter on my PC going dead, and how my business day was once curtailed because I had to drive to Best Buy to make the purchase.  First hand, I understand the need to pay a premium to get my products quickly, however in my case, this was a need.

On the other hand, consider Apple.  What other company has the public and the press waiting breathlessly for each new product release? The bottom line is whatever that new Apple product is, consumers trust that it will be smart and sleek and that it will improve the way they communicate, work or spend their leisure time. What’s more, they’ll enjoy the experience of making the purchase.  This is American Electronic Capitalism working in the minds of consumers.  We want our new toys NOW.

In the above mentioned article, I was surpsised to notice the #1 most trusted Brand in America was Amazon.  It’s also no surprise they are the leading retailers offering Same Day Delivery.  Considering their success on innovation towards American shopping experiences, it was evident other retailers would begin to follow.

How about Google?  They are entering the game of providing Same Day Delivery solutions to local businesses now.

Then of course Amazon’s largest competition, Ebay.  Retailers like Macy’s, Toy’s R. Us and Target have begun testing this concept of delivery.

Geographical barriers exist because Amazon had built warehouses far from major cities to avoid charging sales tax in certain states. But it has now given in on the sales tax fight, and in return, is erecting warehouses near cities like San Francisco, which analysts say is paving the way for faster, more widespread same-day delivery and spurring competitors.  This is still a challenge for Amazon.

Brick and Mortar Local begun to die with ecommerce.  Geography can save the Local Business.

Fact is, travelling 15 miles, or 50 miles is costly to move thousands of pounds of metal, at rising fuel prices for a $90 purchase of a power adapter.  Best Buy is 4 miles from my office.  This is the benefit of Brick and Mortar.

Retailers need not ship from their warehouses, but integrate inventory from their retail locations.

Imagine Walgreens, with over 7,700 stores around the country.  This is a distribution network prime for Same Day Retail Delivery.

The Internet has Localized our Communities

I’ve said for years Google is making businesses better businesses.  While I’ve been studying the Google Algorithm for at least 7 years, almost 80% of Americans use the Google Search engine for find information, and 97% of that group uses Google to find local business information.

That’s a lot of people, and quite the influence a search engine has on the national economy.  Truth is, Google algorithm has enormous influence on the American economy.  Considering an item of click through rate (CTR), if your business is listed #1 in Google Local, you’ll get 40% of Google’s traffic to your website.  If you’re on page one, spot #4, your traffic drops by 400%.  Don’t even think about a click on the bottom of page one.

It’s clear why an understanding of their algorithm is critical, I help thousands of small businesses rank #1 on Google through my Chicago based Search Marketing firm.  Truth is, beating their algorithm is not an option.  Giving them what they want is critical, and in a nut shell, Google wants to see solid marketing, period.

With the changes in the Internet to localize a community, the existance of the second oldest industry, development of wireless communication, it is time for Brick and Mortar businesses to take back their market share that ecommerce stole.

A search for [Flowers] for example renders what we call a ‘local search’.  I could include a geo-mod, such as ‘Chicago’, however Google is now smart enough to know where I’m located and provides the best choices for flowers based on my location.

It’s clear Google would want to provide local in-person choices for [power adapter], local delivery choices and of course e-commerce choices.

This is local.  This is word of mouth.  This is marketing for these businesses.  It’s clear to me, that local businesses that enhance their consumer value by offering same day delivery will simply provide consumers with greater value, greater options, and in turn, a better buying experience.  In turn, this will only further help achieving higher rankings in search, by bringing the consumer engagement to the digital world.

If you are a retail manager, owner or executive and would like to gain access to our research or speak with someone about offering Same Day Delivery for your retail location, please contact NAPAREX CEO, Monte O’Hara at




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January 14, 2013

Help a Local Business!

You may know NAPAREX is well set up to offer Same Day Delivery for retailers.  This has been our vision since we created the company in 2009.  Since then, we’ve grown, created our infrastructure, built our network and have gained valuable experience in the delicate business of home delivery of retail products.

My name is Scott Gallagher and I’m a minority co-founder of NAPAREX, but my real passion is helping Small Local Businesses find new business on the Internet.  Now, through NAPAREX, I have another way to help local companies get more business, by offering Same Day Delivery to compete against the BIG BOYS.

With over 100,000 deliveries under our belt, and millions more through our parent firm, NAPAREX is ready to delivery Retail Same Day Delivery for your local retailers.  But we have to get them on board first!

Help us to help you by taking our 5-minute survey.  This short survey is giving us the information to approach the mid-sized and smaller retailers to offer this service, since all the BIG box stores are taking the action.

Let’s keep the local retailers alive and help by taking this survey.

Much Appreciated!



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January 8, 2013

The Advantages of Same Day Delivery Service

What if you could place an order for something before noon and have it show up on your doorstep a few short hours later? Same Day Delivery promises just that.  But what are the real advantages of Same Day Delivery services?

One advantage is that the consumer doesn’t need to actually spend time driving to the store, picking the item out and then standing in line to make the purchase.  So, same day delivery is a time saver.

Another advantage is that you know that the item is in stock without calling the store and waiting for someone to go to the shelf to do an inventory check for you.  If it says that the item can be delivered for the same day, then you will have the item on the same day. The frustration of going to a store and finding that the item is sold out or the clerk checked the wrong model of the item and yours really isn’t there after all out of the shopping equation.

Delivery has long been a service that companies strive to offer to customers, but it can pose challenges to retailers because of the location of warehouses and the costs involved with shipping.  Amazon, an online retailer has no physical store locations, so the overhead is much less, so perhaps the shipping costs make little difference to the online giant.

Businesses that are physical retailers are getting into the shipping arena more and more because the customers definitely appreciate that as an option.  Shipping for the same day is something that has not been possible, traditionally, but we have entered a different era and stores are rethinking their business models.  Stores, like Walmart, who has tested the same day option in some areas, are trying to compete with Amazon’s shipping prowess by using their stores as “distribution” centers.  It is possible in time, it will be something that can happen and when it does, the customer can take advantage of the variety of merchandise that can be offered for delivery.

Overall, there are some advantages to having a package at the door in a matter of a few hours.  It can be convenient, a time saving opportunity and with more retailers considering the move, the customer will be able to choose from a wider variety of goods than ever before.  The stores can expect to gain customers and that can also give them the advantage over those retailers who can not offer Same Day Delivery to their customers.

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Hayley O'Hara

December 13, 2012

Capital Express Expands Midwest US Network!

Kansas City, MO 12-12- 2012

Capital Express Incorporated, the leading Midwest provider of customized, same day delivery solutions, today announced that it has purchased certain assets of Kansas City based Logistics Resources, Inc., operating commercially as AB Express.  The acquisition of AB Express’s customer distribution networks and customer relationships enhances the Company’s Midwest presence and provides Capital Express with new customer relationships.  This positions Capital Express to continue to provide its customers with superior service, coupled with added density in the markets serviced and additional regional service areas.

Capital Express Inc. Founder and CEO Monte O’Hara commented, “We are excited to be formalizing what has historically been a close working partnership with AB Express and its owners, Peter and Nora Sykes. AB Express’s service offering, customer relationships and geographic footprint help us expand our existing Capital Express network and provide services to a new set of customers. Our expanded industry experience and network creates the ideal platform for meeting our customers’ needs. We look forward to continuing to provide great service to the AB Express customer base”.

AB Express is the third acquisition Capital Express has completed in the Kansas City market since 2006. The Company continues to evaluate acquisitions of customized, same-day delivery companies as key component of its growth strategy.

The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

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October 9, 2012

Same Day Delivery poised to Revolutionize Global Commerce

For an industry that is said to be the second oldest industry next to prostitution, the Same Day Delivery industry is being sought by some names you’d never expect.

While we’ve announced some major retailers globally testing same day delivery in the last twelve months, the globes largest retailer is now testing Same Day Delivery in Philadelphia.  While an Arkansa based firm, revenue exceeding $450 billion and over 9,870 locations, Walmart has annouced Same Day Delivery.  Reported by the NY Times October 9, Walmart is testing Same Day Delivery to compete against Amazon for this year’s holiday season.

This may not come as a surprise, although it does seem odd that a firm that’s about a decade old, begun selling books, is now one of the largest online retailers bringing consumer products to our doors within hours.  Amazon is likely following suit of Europe’s largest retailer, Argos, who begun Same Day Delivery a couple of years ago.

While these firms are merely conducting ‘tests’ with very few select stores in isolated metropolitan areas, it’s invetible the ability to have products delivered to our homes within hours will become standard culture for American.  That’s what we believe at NAPAREX, embracing our vision of same day retail delivery for all Americans.

However the Same Day Delivery world gets a little more complex, when we witness a search engine embracing Same Day Delivery. Why would a company like Google chose to enter into a new market of same day delivery?

While old news in the Internet Marketing world, Google was suspected of entering this market at the begining of this year, and was confirmed by Business Insider in August of this year, however not yet officially confirmed by Google.  Although it makes sense…

Google is Immersed in the entire Supply Chain

Imagine Google’s drive to standardize mobile payment gateways with Google Wallet, their purchase of TXvia, an online payment system.  Their July 2011 purchase of loyalty program Punch’d. Their August 2012 CRM software purchase of Wildfire and most notably, the evolution of their maps, Google Places and most recently their social layer, Google+, this is a company that is poised to take on consumer retailer marketplace.  Why wouldn’t they want the final extension of getting the product to the consumer?

It doesn’t take much to recongnize that Americans demand products and services faster, more efficiently, with lower costs and higher qualities.  It takes companies like Google to innovate, however meshing the information technology sector with the nation’s second oldest, likely most prominent ancient  industry is likely going to provide several logistical challenges.  It took Walmart 40 years to perfect retail with convenience, low costs and satisfactory quality.

Consider Fred Smith – a failure in School

The founder, president and CEO of FedEx, Fred Smith, was honorably discharged from the marine corps in 1969, was told by a professor that his paper, Overnight Delivery, could never happen.  I guess like Bill Gates claiming in 1978 that 640k ought to be enough, some leaders can get it wrong.

So perhaps it doesn’t seem unlikely that Google, Amazon, Walmart, Argo and Target are some of the leaders offering Same Day Delivery.

The Challenges lie in Logistics

NAPAREX’s network is over 300 delivery agents throughout the country.  With hundreds of thousands of deliveries under the NAPAREX network, the Same Day Delivery industry has existed in America longer than Fred Smith’s dream.  However, it could never be scaled, interestingly until technology was introduced.

With the help of Microsoft, AT&T and other information and technology firms, Courier Service companies were able to begin competing with larger firms throughout the 1990’s.  Mobile technology fueled this growth, but the challenged remained with the consumer.  Perception.

The Courier Industry has typically served businesses.  Not the consumer.  NAPAREX, LLC was formed in 2009 to facilitate the consumer, from it’s parent company Capital Express, Inc.

While NAPAREX provides deliveries for Online Retailers, interestingly we know what the consumer demands, but consumers have not sought retail same day delivery, until now.  The NAPAREX network uses this proprietary technology to integrate hundreds of delivery agents, smaller courier services, together to band a national network that is scalable, versitile, experienced and poised to service the retailer’s same day delivery needs.

Whether you are a retailer or consumer, NAPAREX has the capabilities to service your needs, from your favorite retailer, to offer Same Day Delivery.

For more information about NAPAREX providing same day delivery for your retail location, whether it be a single location or 9,000, NAPAREX can service your needs.  Contact NAPAREX at 1.866.577.1603.








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Hayley O'Hara

September 28, 2012

What Not To Say When Running A Business

Entrepreneurs and business owners know how difficult it can be to accommodate the needs and wants of their customers. As a nation we tend to function and live with a high-demand and instant gratification mindset. There are hundreds of ways to meet customer needs in this environment but it can be much more simple to have a short list of things not to do when in a pinch.


4 Things That Shouldn’t Be Said When Running a Business::

1. No
No is the king of all negative words and therefore one of the most dangerous to use in the business world. Using negative words in general with an emphasis on the word “no” will only spell out trouble for your business and your relationship to your customers. Find a way around the word, for example a courier company might not offer a specific service a customer is looking for, but instead of responding with a “no, we don’t offer that service” it would be best to instead mention a similar service the company does offer.

2. Busy
Its good for business to be busy; it does not, however, put your customer at ease to know you are “too busy” or “very busy” when you are trying to handle their needs or wants. Busy can mean a slow response, forgetfulness, overlooking details, etc. It is best to avoid the word completely when speaking to or corresponding with your customer.

3. Unfortunately
Your customer is smart enough to recognize that “unfortunately” is just a longer and more round about way to say “no”. Cut out the negatives, provide solutions instead of problems.

4. Closing Early/Leaving Early
A customer should never hear that the business, store, location, etc. is closing early with the exception of major holidays. The discovery that a business closed early, “just because” will only lead the customer to believe you are unreliable and inconsistent. This goes for companies like Naparex that provide 24/7 same day delivery; if you advertise that you are 24/7 there should be no exception.


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September 24, 2012

Ten Ways for Small Businesses to use LinkedIn

Naparex - Same Day Delivery ServiceTen Ways for Small Businesses to use LinkedIn

Have you created your company page for LinkedIn yet? LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. The network has 150 million members worldwide, and is adding 10 new members every 5 seconds! 80% of revenues for LinkedIn come from brands, corporations and businesses. The remaining 20% of revenues come from premium member subscriptions. All areas of the business are growing very rapidly (triple-digit growth). Given that the majority of LinkedIn’s revenues are derived from companies and brands, LinkedIn company pages are going to continue to grow in importance and relevance for the network.


LinkedIn, just like any other Social Media site (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) is growing more into Small Business with Company and Personal profiles for you to post updates and to share links. This can be helpful for companies looking to spread their brand image, or get news across to fellow followers. Status updates that either create dialogue (grow your visibility) or contain a call to action (generate leads) are the most effective forms of updates. With the combination of likes, comments and shares, your post will potentially go viral and provide your business with significant exposure!

With a company page, you are able to add products and services with details, pictures, videos, and links to your website. When completed you are able to see insights and engagement for your specific product, allowing you to see actually how many people interact, see, and click your product. Not only does this promote your product through a direct search in LinkedIn, but it also adds a high value link to Google Search, upping the chance for higher search engine rankings.

Overall, LinkedIn is becoming the BIGGEST Social Media site for Businesses, Brands, and Corporations. Its professional atmosphere connects you with people in any industry you can think of, helpful for people looking to build connections and professional relationships. LinkedIn provides companies and professionals with the chance to build brand exposure, connect with employees, participate in groups, and look/post for jobs or careers.

With that being said, here are Ten Ways for Small Business to use LinkedIn, provided on the LinkedIn blog by a mysterious guest author that knows his/her stuff. After reading, I suggest you head on over to LinkedIn and make your profile and company page if you haven’t yet.

  • Acquire new customers through online recommendations and word of mouth. Satisfied customers are the best source of new customers. Increase your word of mouth referrals by asking your happy clients to write you a recommendation, which will be published on your LinkedIn profile and will be broadcast to their entire LinkedIn network.
  • Keep in touch with people who care most about your business. Sites like LinkedIn help keep your business alive in the minds of the people who care most about your business. LinkedIn is effective for two reasons: the business intent of LinkedIn users and fewer status updates, which mean you stay on top of mind. Tip: You can also increase the impact of your status updates by syncing your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.
  • Find the right vendors to outsource services you’re not an expert on. Think of the number of times you’ve asked your colleagues if they knew of a great web designer or photographer. LinkedIn makes it easy for you to find and vet vendors through the network of your peers. Additionally, you can also trade services with your vendor connections on LinkedIn; sort of a mutual referral system.
  • Build your industry network—online and in person. Search LinkedIn’s Groups directory to find industry associations and networks to take part in. For example, if you’re in the event planning or wedding industry, there are over 530 groups. In addition, LinkedIn also surfaces popular events in your industry calling out local events that your connections are attending. Imagine being able to find only industry events that your prospective clients are attending.
  • Get answers to tough business questions with a little help from your real friends. Small business owners deal with challenging questions on a slew of topics each day. LinkedIn Answers and Groups let you find answers to those vexing questions quickly by tapping into the wisdom of your network (LinkedIn tells me there are over 200 different categories on Answers including one dedicated just to small business and over 2000 groups on small business related topics). Wondering whether your recent office purchase is tax deductible? Check out hundreds of questions on related topics here.
  • Win new business by answering questions in your area of expertise. Use the many forums on LinkedIn to share the knowledge you’ve gained in your area of expertise. This is a great opportunity to win new business or at least find prospective clients to pitch your business to. Prospective customers will find your answers when they use LinkedIn’s advanced Answers search. And don’t forget, what goes around comes around. Don’t forget, this is a great way to soft pitch your skills and expertise.
  • Raise funding. You can use LinkedIn to find mentors or potential investors for your startup because there are over three million startup professionals and over 12M small business professionals on LinkedIn and it’s always good to stay in touch with folks who’ve been there, done that and willing to mentor you. Once you’re connected, your participation on LinkedIn (answers, status updates or group conversations) may even cause them to consider investing in your small business.
  • Network with peers in your industry for repeat business referrals. LinkedIn Groups is a powerful medium to find peers in your respective industries to network with and to find complimentary businesses to share referrals with. For example, mortgage brokers can find real estate agents to partner with on relevant groups and as most small businesses know, these partners are your best source of referrals that can turn into repeat business. With over 2000 groups dedicated to small business topics, you’re sure to find a relevant group to network.
  • Convince potential customers of your expertise by sharing unique blog content. Small businesses smart enough to create unique content on their expertise (either with a blog or twitter account) should link to it from their LinkedIn profiles. Or take it one step further by promoting featured blog content to LinkedIn members on the site (for e.g. with small text ads). You can specify exactly who will see your ads—Executives or VPs—and include a link to your profile so they know who’s behind this content.
  • Keep your friends close and your competition closer. Over 150,000 companies have a company profile on LinkedIn, the “public profile” for companies. These pages surface key stats on companies; recent hires as well movers and shakers. Not only do company profiles give you unique insight into your competition, they also give you an opportunity to stumble upon potential hires by browsing through company pages.


Information sourced from LinkedIn and Social Media Examiner

Written By:
Joey Adamczyk
Amateur Skateboarder, Multimedia Designer, Occasional Cook & Musician.
Director of Digital and Social Media @ WON Marketing Inc.
Director of Digital and Social Media @
LocalMarketingSource LLC.


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September 17, 2012

Social Responsibility for Businesses

It is important that executive leaders and the marketing department determine an organizations internal culture on social responsibility. This will in turn help to guide decisions and resources regarding external projects. Businesses should strive to make serious commitments to charities and social projects that align with company culture, rather than simply trying to preserve a good reputation. Consistency is important when it comes to these commitments.

Social Programs within a company correlate with increase productivity of employees and increased satisfaction for customers. They also help in attracting and retaining talented recruits. These factors all affect the company’s bottom line at the end of the year. The Same Day Delivery company, NAPAREX, has donated delivery for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in the past.Chicago Gateway Green

The financial crisis of 2009 ultimately ended up putting pressure on companies to more clearly identify and represent the core values of the organization. No longer could a business gain commercial benefit from low-hanging fruit strategies, like the reduction of their carbon footprint. Different departments within organizations must realize that strategies need to be customer-centric to be truly effective.

This means that market research and focus group will only continue to gain importance in determining what programs to pursue. Also, while some of these programs may be viable and provide value, others will not. Local businesses can partner with one of the Chicago Charities, like Gateway Green to sponsor a greening project.

In any case, it is crucial that marketing be involved in all discussion and decisions regarding social responsibility. The Marketing Department has the skills and understanding to promote effective campaigns and best measure ROI. These campaigns will also give the Marketing a powerful way to differentiate products/services from competitors and strengthen the image of the brand. Barriers to entry are low for businesses looking increase brand awareness through social responsibility.

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September 7, 2012

Same Day Delivery can save Retailers against Internet Behemoths

The Internet has made several promises, some amazing notions that you’d be able to order practically anything you wanted and had it delivered to your home or office within a couple of hours.

While this has been a vision of NAPAREX since 2008, major retailers are taking note, such as Internet behemoth Amazon and Ebay to a recent major brick and mortar firm Macy’s offering Same Day Delivery.

Early in August this year, Ebay begun testing Ebay Now, a shopping experiencing partnered with Target, Nordstrom and Walgreens.  At this time, Ebay is simply gauging demand in the technology city of San Francisco.

Amazon has been in the game a little longer.  Offering Same Day Retail delivery in 10 select markets, including Chicago, New York and Seattle, Amazing boast a same day delivery charge less than $5 for select items.

Interestingly, Internet Retailers are at a big disadvantage when it comes to Same Day Retail Delivery.  Brick and Mortar’s, such as Macy’s have a national distribution system with warehouse and retail locations in strategically placed locations.  The Internet behemoths have built their distribution centers based on real estate and cost, not population density or product demands. Karen Hoguet, Macy’sChief Financial Office said

“If we decide it is an important need for the customer, I think we’re going to be very well-positioned to do” same-day delivery, said Houget. “We’re much better positioned to do so, than [Amazon] will be.”

The world first major retailer, Europe’s larger retailer Argos, introduced this service almost two years ago, with large successes.

This seems to be the case for several mid-sized retailers located in the United States, including Best Buy, Coach, Crate & Barrel, Tiffany & Co., Sephora and perhaps even Victoria’s Secret.

The difference with the Online retailers offer same day delivery through a portal such as Amazon or Ebay is the loss of brand and customer value.  It is likely the major retailers are testing demand through the online distribution of Amazon and Ebay.

With the acceptance of a major brand such as Argos in Europe, coupled with demand for speed by American, it is clear Same Day Retail Delivery will become a standard option in the retail industry in the United States.

However the questions remains, do retailers need to give up their brand to ater to needs or will Same Day Retail Delivery become a saving grace for the Brick and Mortars to compete against Internet behemoths.

Companies like NAPAREX offering National Same Day Delivery can facilitate the delivery for the brick and mortar retail industry, utilizing the retailers own ecommerce platform and marketing, ensuring the retailers builds the relationship with the customer.

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July 30, 2012

10 Strategies for Ranking Your Local Business

Originally Published on
by: Scott Gallagher
Scott is partner in NAPAREX and is an author and teacher on the topic of Internet Marketing for Local Businesses

Top Ten Strategies for Local Rankings

1.      Profiles

Establish Profile Authority

Follow Google’s Best Practices Guide here.

  • Verify and Claim your Listings at
    • Claim at least Google, Bing, Yahoo and Superpages
  • Complete all info thoroughly, including clear, long, excellent description (Basic and Enhanced Information)
  • Establish NAP format
  • Use email matching domain to register account
  • Establish photo shoots with Google when possible.  Always upload at least 5 pictures
  • Use images and video, (walk-through, testimonials)
  • Establish Service area
  • Utilize QR Codes when possible
  • Real Address, No UPS or PO Boxes
  • Consider implications of Walk-in versus Service Based

Stay Away from:

  • Violating Google’s Suggestions
  • Using 800 Numbers
  • Using Phone Number Tracking
  • P.O. / UPS Boxes
  • Multiple Place Pages / location
  • Duplicate Phone on Multiple Place Pages

2.      Reviews

Implement a Review Acquisition System

  • Professional Service offices should create a ‘Thank You’ post card when a thank you mentioned in the office, including instructions to leave a review on Zagat.
  • Properly train employees to have a lending ear for positive feedback from customers, patients and clients.
  • Encourage positive customers to leave a review online.
  • Use the hReview HTML Rich Snippet Markup on Website for reviews.
    • Link Reviewers’ name to their online social profile, preferably LinkedIn.
    • Do not solicit reviews.  Only ask to leave a digital review if a verbal unsolicited testimonial is provided.

3.      Social Media

Create and participate in social media channels

  1. Create a Business Page or Fan Page
    • Facebook (Get Vanity URL after 25 likes)
    • Google+ Local
    • LinkedIn
  1. Follow Best Practices
    • Photos
    • Descriptions
    • Links
    • Product / Services
    • SEO Optimization
  1.  Engage with Audience


4.      Citations

Acquire citations from at least the following sources.

Public Sources

  • Annual Reports, SEC Information
  • Federal, State and City Gov’ts
  • Business Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Postal Service Information

Data Providers & Review Sites

  • Superpages
  • infoUSA
  • Theme Sites
  • Yelp
  • Citysearch
  • InsiderPages
  • Google
  • Yahoo Local
  • Angie’s List
  • Judy’s Book

Outside the Box

  • ATM or Kiosk at your location?  List in directories
  • National Register of Historic Places
  • Free Wifi Directories
  • RedBox Directory
  • Sponsorships / Charity Events
  • Speaking Engagements

Host a Weather Station

5.      Video

Local Businesses can create and distribute four types of video

I.         Office / Warehouse Walkthrough

II.         Testimonial Videos

III.         Operational (for product / service)

IV.         Commercial (advertisement for product / service)


  • Distribution to YouTube is critical.  Optimize video title and description similar to this video.
  • Promote through Social Channels once distributed and optimized.

6.      Local PR

Create and distribute an effective press release.  Hire a local writer from the local news paper.  Distribute the local press release to at least ten local publications, including:

  • Local Newspaper
  • Regional Newspaper
  • Local FREE Publications (pick one up a Chiropractor’s office)
  • Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Local College – Approach business admin

7.      Website On-The-Page SEO

This is only a partial list of the factors and represents the most important items to complete.

  1. Validate your HTML code so it is “spider” compliant.
  2. Text link navigation at the bottom of the page.  Use your keywords as anchor text.
  3. The Title Tag should be compelling and focused.
  4. Your description tag needs to work hand-in-hand with the Title to get the searcher to “click” on the listing.
  5. Every page should have a unique (60% of the words completely original) Title & Description.
  6. H1 tag should be used and should be very compelling
  7. Add ALT tags to your main graphics and do not attempt to fool the Search Engines here.
  8. Place your keyword phrase in the following areas:

                                     i.     Title Tag

                                   ii.     Meta Description

                                 iii.     H1 tag to begin the content

                                   iv.     First paragraph of content

                                     v.     Appearing in Bold or Italic in the first three paragraphs of content (if possible, not that big of a deal)

                                   vi.     Appearing in the filename (or directory name)

vii.     Used in anchor text to either an internal page or relevant external site.

  1. Fix bad links and create XML Sitemap and submit to Google.

8.      Company Blog

This is a critical piece for any Internet Marketing Strategy for a business.  Almost every piece of marketing communication can be hosted on a blog including all types of media.

  • Use WordPress Self Hosted
  • Use SEO Plugins (All-in-One-SEO)
  • Blog Weekly
  • Internal Links to Business Website
  • Opt-in Conversion Optimization (Welcome Gate / PopUp / Scipt)
  • Create compelling content prospects can relate to


9.      External Links

Link Building is critical for Organic SEO Rankings in the SERPs.  Find sources to link to the following pages, including your root domain.

Location Based Pages

  • Local newspaper (PR Campaigns)
  • Chamber or Networking Groups
  • J.V’s
  • Local Directories / Phonebooks

Theme Related Pages

  • Directories / Data Providers
  • Social Networking Groups and Sites
  • High Authority Exposure

10.  Systems for Measurement and Correction

It is said that everything that is measured improves.  Create the systems for measurement in your business, and measure at least the following items for your online marketing campaign.

I.         Claimed Listings
II.         KW Rankings
III.         KW Strategy
IV.         Competitive Research
V.         Citation Acquisition Strategy

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Hayley O'Hara

July 29, 2012

A Few Simple Ways To Improve Your Gas Mileage

We can all count on gas prices to continue to increase and as they do people are finding themselves shopping for more fuel efficient vehicles or looking into alternative methods of transportation. Unfortunately, those options aren’t available to everyone. Courier companies and the independent contractors who deliver for those companies know about the struggle to meet gas prices. The good news is that you can save money on gas by making a few simple changes!

1. Drive More Efficiently: 

Driving aggressively (speeding, rapid acceleration and hard braking) wastes an incredible amount of gas. Aggressive drivers can find that their driving has lowered their gas mileage by 33 percent at highway speeds and 5 percent in town. Simply acknowledging the posted speed limits and driving in a less aggressive way can drive significant savings on gas.

2. Maintain Your Vehicle:

It is important to keep up vehicle maintenance to extend the life of your car, but many do not realize how much a well maintained vehicle can save you on the cost of gas. Be sure to follow the suggested timeline for oil changes and vehicle inspections; your vehicle will run longer and your fuel cost will decrease.

3. Dispose of Extra Weight:

Many people find themselves spending much of their time in their vehicles, because of this odds and ends start to pile up. Those soccer balls, extra clothes and shoes, windshield wiper solution, etc. all contributes to the weight your car is hauling. Take a few minutes every morning to get rid of any of the items that you don’t need to haul. By decreasing the weight in your vehicle you can find yourself saving a significant amount of money on fuel annually.

When it comes to saving money on gas it is important to remember that every little bit helps!


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July 23, 2012

Visual Communications… a must!

Marketing today can be really tough, especially reaching your customers with the High-Quality Visual Communications via Commercials, Webinars, Services, and other types of viral videos that many people are using today. It’s difficult to make yourself and/or your company stand out from the crowd. My name is Joey Adamczyk, and today I am the guest on Naparex’s Blog, and before we start on this excellent article, I would like to let you know a little about myself. I have been a Videographer for over six years, two of which I have done professionally. Some companies I have worked with include: Elgin Community College, WON Marketing, Local Marketing Source, Ryno Hardwood Floors, Aqua Marine Productions, Small Town Skateshop, Wellborn Clothing, Character Skateboards, The Office Skatepark, and more… I have done it all with only an Associates in Multimedia Design and the drive-passion for film-making.

I can’t help but to critique how well Naparex and their colleagues have done on this video representing Naparex’s main services. Not only does this video have the “eye-catching” appeal to its audience, but it thoroughly explains and sums Naparex up in an easy and informative way. From the moment I started the video, I was consumed, it nearly held my attention the whole way through, and that’s a rare quality. Usually I’m hard to grab visually, and informatively. Besides some corny music, and maybe SOME bad graphics I personally would not have used, this video is TOP-NOTCH. It successfully informs me of what Naparex is about, by providing a very sharp eye-catching appeal that is branded to the company. I like that it gives you the “inside view” of the operations, which many businesses now-a-days don’t let you see “behind closed doors”.

Overall, this video has everything you could ask for in a Visual Communications environment. It successfully provides the customer with the information necessary for understanding what Naparex does, and what its company is about. It has eye-catching graphics and animation, which keeps your eyes involved with all the on-screen interaction. Lastly, it keeps your attention all the way through.

In the near-future, I can see Naparex going places.
Thanks for the opportunity to share my opinion Naparex, Rock On!

Joey Adamczyk
Professional Skateboarder, Multimedia Designer, Ocassional Cook and Musician.
Owner and Director @ Multi Minion Solutions
Director of Digital and Social Media @ WON Marketing
Director of Digital and Social Media @ Local Marketing Source

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July 20, 2012

Social Media for Businesses

Social Media For Businesses MATRIX

Social Media is the new buzz word in business. Some companies will bury their heads, others may half-heartedly participate, many will devote resources with no clear strategy, and a few will embrace it effectively. Whether you operate in the financial or Courier Service industry, one thing is for sure, ignore social media at your own peril.

A lot of CEO’s are scratching their heads over both what their role and the role of their business should be in Social Media. It’s a good idea to answer this question before beginning so that time and money are not wasted making decisions in the dark. LinkedIn is currently the platform of choice for executives, but are they truly using this digital tool to its full advantage? Social Media is an excellent tool to promote your brand and engage with audiences. It’s also a great way to acquire additional leads and contacts for minimal costs compared to traditional lead generation.

According to Mary Michelle Scott of Fishbowl’s article on How Social Media Drives Business, “More than 82% of respondents are likely or much more likely to trust a company whose CEO and team engage in social media. And an amazing 77% of respondents are likely or much more willing to buy from a company whose mission and values are defined through their leaderships’ involvement in social media.”

Businesses are constantly finding more and more ways to leverage social media. Here is a brief list of some of those uses:

  • Offer Discounts
  • Allow Users to Purchase Products and Services
  • Acquire Reviews from Customers
  • Asking for New Ideas and Feedback
  • Provide Customer Service and Answer Questions
  • Social CRM
  • Market Research
  • Reputation Management

It is important to stress that these ideas will NOT work for every company and every situation. Businesses need to develop a Social Media Strategy that is laser focused and ensure that everyone within the organization is on the same page. The key to success in marketing, both offline and online, is consistently creating content and media that provide value for the end user. It’s still all about the customer!

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July 14, 2012

Social Media Networks Impacting Our Adolescent Youth

Facebook isn’t just a social network, it’s become everything, is all that exists, opposite to nothing for a major group in our society, our teenagers.  The Internet doesn’t exists, it’s a compliment to their everything, a place to go for everything that isn’t their world.  The Internet and Facebook are separate entities, and this social network seems to be developing a whole new world.

Facebook is the Digital McDonalds

The big secret is the awareness of the corporate world towards demise of individuals…for profit.  Hydrogenated Oils have been proven time over to hurt our bodies, yet businesses continue to encourage greater profit through reduce food costs such as using high fructose corn syrup. It is said Americans spend one of the lowest amount of their disposable income on food, around 5.5%, comparative to say 14% for Italy, 13% for France….heck even their friendly neighbors north spend near 10%.

McDonalds does a great job, they have a clean restaurant and restrooms, excellent food practices, great training, systems and procedures, tasty food and generally great service.  They are profitable, manage thousands of mostly satisfied employees and managers and continue to donate to children funds.  They have an excellent play area for children to play and parents to relax.  But they are killing us with every hamburger sold.  This video will show you how McDonalds created the world’s first bionic burgers.

McDonalds is brilliant, for the shareholders.  My son knew the McDonalds symbol before he ever ate there.  It’s his ‘go to’ place to eat when asked, and I try and avoid McDonalds at every expense.  He’ll be seven next month, and I have to admit as a marketer, McDonalds has done an amazing job of getting their message to my son, and his friends.

This all Leads to Enormous Future Profits

McDonalds has identified several opportunities to build a very successful business, and typically success is measured on customer satisfaction, along with repeat business and business growth.  This comes in the long term by continuing to offer value to the customer.  McDonalds does this well and the debate of hydrogenated oils may continue to be a long term battle.

The question isn’t what Facebook does for us today, it’s what’s it’s doing to us for tomorrow

I became a member of this social network in 2005, connecting with my closest peers from high school.  After moving to the United States that year, I witnessed Facebook emerge in Canada and MySpace emerge down in the U.S.

It wasn’t until 2007 that Facebook begun to shape humanity

We weren’t built to communicate in this fashion.  Take for example Albert Mehrabian’s 1967 study about influencing human behavior….which is now a widely accepted breakdown in corporate America.

7-38-55 — says that with 100 basis points to influence human behavior, such as demonstrate value and allow them to make a decision, 7% of our ability is in the words we chose, 38% is our tone and 55% is our physiology.

I see my 14 year old daughter conduct more than 50% of her communication using only the 7%….typing word via chat, text or messaging.  Interestingly, no email…studies show it’s too slow for her generation!

If perception is one’s reality, this is a disaster!

I’m learning as a parent that our influence on our children shape who they are for the rest of their lives.  It’s possible, and true in my opinion, that parents have the greatest influence in our society.  We have the greatest power, the ability to shape our youth.

Awareness is Critical to Embrace Change

Imagine an environment so entrenched in one’s life that is essentially one’s reality.  All purchasing decision could possibly be influenced by a single controlled environment.  I don’t want this for my children, nor others.

The leaders at Facebook had intentions to connect people.  Their social networks continues to do this as their main mission.  The kids that built Facebook we just that, digitally connected social individuals…no different than my daughter.

Facebook has the ingredients to become a perceived marketing disaster for our youth, however with the founders intentions at the forefront, it comes down one group…us parents.  It’s now become our role to educate our children on different mediums of communication, and help determine what types of communication should used with what channels.

More on Social Media Networks Impacting Our Adolescent Youth

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Hayley O'Hara

July 10, 2012

5 Steps To Enjoying Your Vacation Time

Vacation time is supposed to provide rest, relaxation and most of all a break from the day-to-day grind involved in working, school and life. Time off, especially these days, is hard to come by and unfortunately, when granted, most individuals find it incredibly difficult to leave work behind and enjoy their vacation.

Most of us in the work force find ourselves worrying about tasks left undone or to others, work piling up and waiting for our return and even worse, our co-workers and boss finding us disposable.

Fortunately, there are some actions and steps that can be taken to guarantee a restful and enjoyable vacation:

1. Don’t call the office. Most of us are guilty of calling and “checking-in” with the office. If there is an issue that needs your attention a member of the staff will call you. If there is information regarding a project or client you want to be updated on, ask that a report be sent to you via email with a specific subject line; only skim your email for that subject! You are more than likely the only member of the team that is stressing about your absence. Remember that!

2. Consider your time away as an opportunity. Your time away will allow those around you a chance to tackle your daily tasks and challenges. When handed over to someone else they will either find they have a greater amount of respect for what you accomplish or, even better, they might discover a faster and more efficient way to accomplish that task. Your boss could discover room in the budget for that resource or program you really felt you needed after just one attempt at the project/task you felt you needed it for.

3. Establish decision-making parameters. Its great practice for co-workers or employees to step-up and tackle your processes and tasks while you are on vacation, but it will be difficult for them to do this without knowing what they can or cannot do without your approval or input. Define what decisions and steps can be made without consulting you; this will greatly decrease the number of calls you get on your trip and also prevent any “disasters” from occurring.

4. Don’t second-guess decisions. Your co-workers, assistants or employees might make a decision or handle a situation differently than you would have but that doesn’t make it the wrong decision. If they are staying within the parameters discussed do not let these things concern you.

5. Communicate, communicate, communicate! It is vitally important that the rest of the staff understand what needs to be covered while you are not in the office. They don’t necessarily have a complete understanding of what you accomplish on a day-to-day basis and what depends on your attention and action. Make a list of tasks, due dates, contacts, etc. to provide to everyone before you leave. For example if you set up the delivery service every Monday be sure to leave  not only the task but the contact details for the courier company you use and the person you speak to there.

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June 15, 2012

Father’s Day and its Origins

With all the holidays celebrated in this country, many people often forget their origins. Father’s Day followed the creation of Mother’s Day, which was originally started by Ann Reeves Jarvis to promote unity among mothers following the end of the Civil War. Mother’s Day was not made an official holiday until 1909, nearly 50 years after the first celebration.

The campaign to make Father’s Day a national holiday was met with much less support. This may be because the proposed day did not have the sentimental feel for fathers as it did for mothers. The first event for Father’s Day was celebrated on July 5th, 1908 at a church in West Virginia in remembrance of 362 men who died in a mining accident the year before. Sonora Smart Dodd, a child raised by a widower, push successfully to have the first statewide Father’s Day on July 19, 1910 in Washington State.

The celebration of Father’s Day began to gain momentum with the support of President Wilson and President Coolidge. However, fathers continued to remain skeptical about what they viewed as a scam to encourage the purchase of more gifts. Many fathers would end up buying their own gifts, in one way or another. Richard Nixon finally signed a proclamation that made Father’s Day a federal holiday in 1972.

What are you getting your dad for Father’s Day? The holiday falls on the third Sunday in June and will be on Sunday, June 17th this year. NAPAREX offers same-day national delivery to many locations in the United States. This service will ensure that your time-sensitive gift will make it safely to its final destination.

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June 5, 2012

A systematic process for LOCAL Businesses to Solicit Reviews

Note:  This is provided by Scott Gallagher, an author on the topic of Internet Marketing.  Scott is a founding co-founder of NAPAREX.  You can learn more about Scott on his Local Internet Marketing Blog.  Scott also has an available Internet Marketing Training Course available.


This will provide a clear explanation of what reviews are, how reviews apply to the online marketing game, value of reviews in basic business, discuss review sites and their implications to the search engines, and discuss good versus bad reviews. It also provides a template that customers can use to solicit reviews from their clients.

What Are Reviews

Customer reviews are nothing but consumer opinions about products and services that they buy.  For example, if someone were to leave a comment about their positive Courier Service experience in New York.   Surveys show that today’s customers are paying more attention to reviews and getting influenced by recommendations from other customers and people they can identify with prior to making a purchase. In the online world, these reviews are customer comments and testimonials that are published on websites. Companies today can use customer online reviews to improve their product/service offerings.

Value of Reviews in the Online Marketing Game

Getting customer reviews is an important step in improving your rankings in the Google Local Business Results. Ask for a review anytime someone compliments your services. Implementing a customer review policy in your company could dramatically improve your rankings.


A survey of more than 2,000 U.S. Internet users, conducted by comScore, a leading web research organization, revealed that consumers were willing to pay at least 20 percent more for services receiving an “Excellent,” or 5-star, rating than for the same service receiving a “Good,” or 4-star, rating….

Nearly one out of every four Internet users (24 percent) reported using online reviews prior to paying for a service delivered offline.

Ninety-seven (97%) percent of those surveyed who said they made a purchase based on an online review said they found the review to have been accurate. Review users also noted that reviews generated by fellow consumers had a greater influence than those generated by professionals.

Service Area

A business has a service area defined by where their customers utilize and purchase the local business’s service. For example, a pizza delivery company may have a service area that has a 5 mile radius from its location. A courier business on the other hand may reside in a suburb of a major city but focus their core business in a major city. If this were a courier business in Chicago, they may serve a 100 mile radius whereas a courier service in Sudbury, Ontario may service only a 10 mile radius. A Medi-Spa in Los Angeles attracts customers to its location from likely a 10 mile radius. A plumber in Sacramento during a recession may be willing to travel 200 miles for business.

Service areas change from industry to industry, geographical area to geographical area and include other non-measurable factors. It is practically impossible for a search engine to assume

a service area and therefore we need to help a search engine determine your service area so it will show your listings for areas that are outside of your core city.

By establishing a review pattern, essentially you are providing authority to the search engines in establishing your service area.

Search Engine Optimization

Early April 2009 Google introduced local business center results into the mainstream organic results. Since that day we have determined over 40 unique factors that influence the rankings in this area and the quantity of reviews is a top 10 factor.

By establishing reviews you are suggesting to the search engines that you are in fact a business with active customers pushing marketing efforts online and off-line. Regardless of good or bad reviews the quantity of reviews are important for the search engines and are likely a factor that will help you out rank other businesses for your keywords.

Review Sites and their implications to the Search Engines

There are several websites where customers can leave their reviews for products/services. Some of these include Google, Yelp, etc. For the major review sites, search engines typically do not value reviews on their sites over reviews on local sites such as Yelp. Therefore it really doesn’t matter where your customers leave reviews.

On Google Maps when you generate your first five reviews, Google adds little golden stars next to your business listing. This is one of the ways to get your business listing to stand out in the crowd. Customers are likely to click on the business listing that has this 5-star rating.

Good versus Bad Reviews

The reviews that a business gets from its customers might be good or bad. The better the reviews, the more likely people will contact you for your services. In case you get a bad review, there are few things you can do to get it removed from your listing.

Contact the person who posted the review, find out what went wrong and offer to make things right. Take note of their complaint and ask for their suggestion on what you can do to set things right. Take steps to make things right for them and then ask them if they would be willing to edit or remove their review.

Reviews are very important part of your search engine optimization and online marketing efforts. The search engines use reviews to measure a variety of factors. The search engines will never put greater weight on a five star review versus a one star review, as it is possible that a shady competitor could leave you one star reviews. Therefore, don’t fret over negative reviews, attempt to determine the legitimacy of the review, and attempt to contact the reviewer and provide an offer in exchange for an updated review.

Incenting your Employees and Contractors

It has been said that a referral is hands down the best source of marketing for any local, small and medium-sized business. Online review is merely a digital form of this word-of-mouth advertising and in the long run has significant impact to your business online. There are many reasons why reviews are important for both driving traffic and converting that traffic to a customer when marketing online.

Because reviews are so important, it is important to ensure that your company has some form of an internal process for customer reviews. The process included in this document is merely intended for guidance. When implementing anything new, and considering the dynamics of humans to adopt change, it is suggested to provide a form of incentive to employees and contractors who helped collect reviews. We have seen different models in the past such as offering team lunches, and internal competition for monthly prize of $100 or some time off. Please consider implementing such incentives.


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Hayley O'Hara

May 16, 2012

MCAA Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Recollections Video

The Messenger Courier Association is celebrating its 25th Anniversary!

The MCAA is a non-profit association working to advance the interests of the courier industry. The organization helps its members stay ahead of industry trends as well as being a resource for strategies courier companies may utilize to increase their growth. MCAA also represents members interests in Washington by lobbying on the members’ behalf on issues that affect the messenger courier industry.

To celebrate 25 years the organization asked several leaders of the MCAA to reflect on the meaning of association. Watch below as current and former board members discuss their business success and how the MCAA can help your same-day company!


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Hayley O'Hara

October 5, 2011

NAPAREX Donates Delivery for Extreme Makeover Home Edition

NAPAREX had the opportunity to provide the program Extreme Makeover: Home Edition with a delivery to their build site in Salt Lake City, Utah. When NAPAREX was presented with the opportunity to deliver a piece from Los Angeles, CA to the build site we couldn’t wait to help the Extreme Makeover team with their efforts to provide a deserving family with an excellent home! We partnered with one of our excellent agent partner, PAMS National Messenger to complete this delivery quickly and efficiently!

As most of you probably know Extreme Makeover: Home Edition spends every episode chronicling the story of a family in need or very deserving of a new home. ABC and the makeover team put together a large group of contractors, builders, electricians, plumbers, etc. who are all donating their time for the project; combine that with a large amount of donated supplies and you’ve got the resources to build a terrific house. The episode that aired this past Sunday 10/2 featured the Gomez family. Jessica Gomez is raising two young children, one of which suffers from a very rare blood disease. He has been hospitalized more than 20 times and understandingly the medical bills are hard to keep up with. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition heard their story and had to help; not only did the program provide them with their very own home but additionally built an income property next door to help provide extra income to the family.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition represents more than just providing a family of merit with a wonderful home; it also shows what can be accomplished when multiple companies and individuals combine their resources. NAPAREX is proud to be a part of the network of companies and individuals who came together to assure the Gomez family had an awesome place to call home.

If you happened to miss this week’s episode…you can watch it here!

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Hayley O'Hara

August 30, 2011

Department Stores Offering Free Standard Shipping and Returns


Nordstrom, Inc. is the most recent upscale department store chain to announce they will be offering free standard shipping and free return shipping on nearly all orders placed on their website. This is a great improvement from their previous offer of free standard shipping on orders over $200 or more. Nordstrom, Inc. is in good company; other retailers such as L.L. Bean and popular e-retailer are also present on the expanding list of e-retailers offering free shipping as a standard.

Nordstrom and the multitude of other retailers offering free shipping are taking a step in the right direction. Online shopping is only going to continue to grow in popularity; the convenience and ease of e-commerce retail coupled with Generation Y’s prominence in the industry will only increase the percentage of transactions completed online. A retailer offering free shipping is given a quick edge over the competitor.

The edge that retailers like Nordstrom are missing, however, is the offer of same-day delivery. Stores like Nordstrom, Macy’s and Bloomingdales have prime locations in major metro areas and yet they have not taken the opportunity to offer same-day shipping within those areas. The average consumer is getting used to getting what they want as quickly as possible and retailers need to capitalize on that. Even if the potential customer isn’t making a last minute purchase the idea of having their brand new hand bag or new pair of rain boots only 2-hours after they order makes any extra cost for shipping seem reasonable; that is a serious edge for online retailers.

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Hayley O'Hara

August 17, 2011

Is Your Business Engaging Socially?

Logging into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ is a daily activity for a large portion of Americans; these social platforms provide users the opportunity to engage with friends and family and in Twitter’s case…celebrities! But what many in the business world are failing to realize is that these users are also looking to provide feedback and communication for services they use, restaurants they frequent, products they order, etc. While these social networks used to be an additional avenue of marketing for the business world…it has now become the norm!

Your customers are expecting your website to have links to your Facebook and Twitter pages. Many consumers are “liking” their favorite businesses in an effort to receive “perks” that many companies have begun to offer via social websites. Social websites provide a transparent avenue of communication between business and consumer; the consumer is taking advantage of it…businesses must too!

While many businesses have caught on that social pages are an expected extension of their company many more have created the page just to leave it without updates or communication. Customers are looking for engagement. They want to know what is happening, specials, staff changes, new products, etc. Social networks have even begun to form as another place for customer service; consumers will prefer to comment with their questions instead of calling or emailing and they will expect a relative speedy response. If you give these social networks enough attention they begin to sell your company in their own way; suddenly you will have a page with built-in reviews and testimonials. Even a customer’s bad experience can be made positive when your company quickly responds to correct the situation.

Social media is free and beneficial and it refuses to be ignored. So start engaging and have some fun with it! And if you have yet to buy into the “social media” world, check out this video. Lots of interesting facts!

Companies like these criminal attorneys in Tampa, Finebloom and & Haenel do it very well, check em out!

Finebloom & Haenel P.A.
3426 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL 33609
(813) 649-8690

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Hayley O'Hara

August 5, 2011

E-Commerce World Celebrates an Increase in Sales


Online retail sales numbers  for the month of July increased 14% from the same month in 2010. In addition to that, July 2011 marks the ninth consecutive month that e-commerce has posted double digit gains according to a SpendPulse report from MasterCard Advisors. While those in the e-commerce world should be celebrating the sales numbers, many want to explore the reasons for this increase first!

It seems high gas prices and a stifling heat wave are being credited for the most recent rise in numbers. Customers are finding that the costs to drive to retail stores to make their purchases are greater than the shipping charge while those in walking distance or within a short driving distance did not want to brave the dangerous temperatures to do their shopping. These are valid reasons for an increase in these number but the fact is that there is not a more comfortable shopping experience than from the comfort of ones own home, office, dorm, etc.

Online retail offers so much more than a single store. For example, a customer might decide one Saturday that they are looking for a tennis racket. They know there are a certain number of stores they can explore and by the end of the day they will probably come home with a tennis racket. Chances are, if they explored the online retail world for the same item, they would have been presented with an incredible number of options which would have included the opportunity to check price comparisons, customer reviews, performance reviews, detailed descriptions, options for colors, accessories to match, I could go on and on. Even customers who are in the market for clothing are finding that “free shipping” option when spending a set amount of dollars are making it easier for them to order an article of clothing, try it on at home…in front of their own mirror and decide if its “a keeper”.

There are only a few reasons for customers to travel to physical retails locations anymore and one of the more significant reasons is that sometimes a customer needs a product the same day they shop for it. Amazon has realized the benefits of same-day service but retailers like Target, Walmart and Sears haven’t taken the steps to offer any of their products for same-day delivery. It is difficult to grasp their reasoning. A service that offers a customer the opportunity to buy a housewarming gift on a Friday morning and have it wrapped and delivered to their work by 4pm, just in time to head out the door for a friend’s housewarming party, is invaluable. There are so many opportunities for a same-day delivery service in to thrive in the e-commerce world and the increase in online sales numbers will begin to catch retailers’ attention.

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Hayley O'Hara

July 21, 2011

Creating A “Green” Office Environment

Everyone is going green! The effort to recycle and conserve has not only become trendy but important, but many are finding that the hardest place to push “green” practices is in…the office. All of the paper, the ink, the waste, the electricity, etc. it seems a daunting task for any business to convert to a “greener” work environment. While many of us our making the effort at home we forget about the impact we have at work. For example:

  • One office worker can use a quarter ton of materials in a year-including 100,000 pieces of paper!
  • Heating, cooling, and powering office spaces are responsible for almost 40 percent of carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. and over 70 percent of the United State’s total electricity usage.
  • Computers in the office burn $1 billion of electricity annually.
The statistics are disturbing, but from a business owner’s perspective a “green” company can increase cost and decrease profitability. Yet, their are benefits, besides the obvious, of running a “green” company. A recent U.S. survey determined that one-third of U.S. workers would prefer to work for a green company and more than half of U.S. employees wish their employers would be more environmentally friendly. That number will only continue to grow. In addition to potential employees it is critical to think of potential customers; the fact that your company operates with a “green” mindset might be just the edge your company needs in the eye of a potential customer. Being green will show your company’s environmental responsibility and provide you and your employees the chance to bond over a beneficial effort for something better!
That being said…here are some tips for “greening” your office!
    • Switch all light fixtures to T-8 fluorescent. They use 20 percent less energy, have better color, and less flicker.
    • Install occupancy sensors in rooms so lights only tun on when rooms are occupied by people.
    • Turn off computers at night and set them to “sleep mode” when you are away/ If every U.S. computer was turned off at night, the U.S. could shut down eight power stations and avoid emitting 7 million tons of carbon monoxide yearly.
    • If printing for ressearch or editing purposes, print double-side copies to save trees and profits.
    • Create hard copies of documents only when necessary. Surveys report that offices use nearly 1.5 lbs of paper…per person…per day!
    • Buy products in bulk. It minimizes packaging and is ultimately less expensive for you in the long run.
    • Try an automatic setback thermostat that conserves heating and cooling when its not in use. Heating, cooling , and ventilation make up 39 percent of energy use in an office.

For more tips like these, check out the Portland Development Guide

Also, remember that just taking one of these steps can prove to make a huge difference! It doesn’t all have to happen at once!

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February 3, 2011

Government Affairs Update for the Courier Industry

This is reproduced from the MCAA Government Affairs Update.


Massachusetts IC Bill Introduced
The Tewksbury Advocate news outlet reports that Massachusetts State Senator Michael Rodrigues (D – Westport) recently introduced legislation aimed at stimulating the economy and increasing job growth in Massachusetts. The bill proposes corrections to the Massachusetts Independent Contractor Law which we all know has suffered from unintended negative consequences over the last few years. The bill titled “An Act Encouraging a Better Business Climate and Job Creation in the Commonwealth” also contains a package of incentives to help kick-start job creation. Massachusetts State Senator Barry Finegold (D – Andover) has signed on as lead cosponsor. The bill text has yet to be made available on the Massachusetts Legislature website but MCAA is working to obtain a copy. Similar legislation was introduced in Massachusetts last year, but did not pass.
Iowa Steps Up Enforcement Efforts
On January 30, the Omaha World-Herald News reported that Iowa is aggressively cracking down on businesses it perceives as misclassifying workers as independent contractors. A special investigative unit established by former Iowa Governor Chet Culver has collected $2.1 million in unpaid taxes, penalties and interest in its first 18 months and has identified nearly five times more misclassified workers than neighboring Nebraska. “We have beefed up our enforcement, maybe not as programmatic as Iowa by creating a special unit, but it’s certainly on our radar. And it has been for a long time,” said Cathy Lang, director of the Nebraska Department of Labor. From October 2009 through September 2010, efforts in Nebraska identified 551 misclassified workers and recovered $25,000 in taxes. Both states find that misclassification is most prevalent in the construction trades, such as drywall, framing and masonry workers, as well as among cleaning crews and truck drivers.
MCAA Government Affairs Lobby Day
Your participation in the upcoming MCAA Government Affairs Lobby Day is absolutely critical! Whether you have attended every prior event or never have been to Washington before, there is no better time to help the courier industry than on March 3, 2011.

Why is this year’s Government Affairs Lobby Day so important? MCAA is in the process of developing federal legislation to protect the Section 530 safe harbor and establish clear criteria which will be used to determine independent contractor status. MCAA has been drafting the legislation over the last several months and are in the early stages of sharing our bill with friendly members of Congress. This is a major proactive step on behalf of the courier industry and we need your help on March 3rd to tell your elected officials why this legislation is needed.

An opening reception will be held on March 2nd at 7:00 – 9:00pm at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. The breakfast and educational sessions will begin the following morning around 7:30am. For travel purposes, the Capitol Hill meetings will conclude around 4:00pm on March 3rd.

We have secured a special room rate of $229/night at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC. Please call 1-800-THE-OMNI and reference MCAA Lobby Day.


New Hampshire House Bill 420 (NEW)

Sponsored by Representative William Infantine (R – Majority)

This legislation requires the Commissioner of Labor to establish a voluntary registration procedure for independent contractors under the workers compensation law. The registration form will include explanations of the consequences and possible penalties of misrepresenting their employment status. An independent contractor who registers will not be eligible for benefits if they incur an injury or illness. Status: On January 21, the bill was introduced and referred to the House Committee on Labor, Industrial, and Rehabilitative Services.

Washington State House Bill 1701 (NEW)

Sponsored by Representative Timm Ormsby (D – Majority)

This legislation pertains to the misclassification of independent contractors in the construction industry. An independent contractor is found to be in violation if he/she engages three or more subcontractors to all work on the same task at a single job site. An independent contractor has the burden of proof to show that all subcontractors are not working on the same tasks at a single job site. Status: On January 31, the bill was introduced and referred to the House Committee on Labor and Workforce Development.

Washington State Senate Bill 5599 (NEW)
Sponsored by Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles (D – Majority)
This legislation pertains to the misclassification of independent contractors in the construction industry. An independent contractor is found to be in violation if he/she engages three or more subcontractors to all work on the same task at a single job site. An independent contractor has the burden of proof to show that all subcontractors are not working on the same tasks at a single job site. Status: On January 31, the bill was introduced and referred to the Senate Committee on Labor, Commerce, and Consumer Protection.


Florida House Bill 311 (UPDATED)

Sponsored by Representative Ken Roberson (R – Majority)

This legislation provides a definition for an independent contractor for local business tax purposes. In this proposed legislation, an independent contractor must meet at least four of the following criteria: (1) maintains a separate business, (2) holds or has applied for a federal employer identification number (unless the individual is a sole proprietor), (3) receives compensation for services rendered and such compensation is paid to a business rather than an individual, (4) holds at least one bank account in the same of the business entity, (5) is able to perform work for any entity, or (6) receives compensation for services rendered on a competitive bid basis or completion of a task as defined by a contractual agreement. If four of the criteria are no met, an individual may still be presumed to be an independent contractor if the following are met: (1) The independent contractor controls the means of performing the services, (2) the independent contractor incurs the principal expenses, (3) the independent contractor is responsible for the satisfactory completion of the work, (4) the independent contractor receives compensation for work performed, (5) the independent contractor may realize a profit or suffer a loss, (6) the independent contractor has continuing business liabilities, and (7) the success or failure of the independent contractor’s business depends on the relationship of business receipts to expenditures. Status: On February 1, the bill was referred to the House Economic Affairs Committee and Finance & Tax Committee.

Utah Senate Bill 11 Substitute (UPDATED)

Sponsored by Senator Karen Mayne (D – Minority)

This legislation creates the Worker Classification Coordinated Enforcement Council within the Labor Commission. The council will coordinate regulatory and law enforcement efforts related to misclassification. Status: On January 24, the bill was introduced and referred to the Senate Committee on Business and Labor. By a 5-3 vote, the committee gave the bill a favorable recommendation. On January 26, the bill was passed 25-4 by the full Senate. On January 31, the bill was sent to the House and referred to the Committee on Business and Labor.

Connecticut Senate Bill 678

Sponsored by Senator Anthony Musto (D – Majority)

This legislation aims to provide more clarity by amending the definition of an independent contractor to exclude any individual that is paid hourly, whose tools are provided by the person paying the worker, or who otherwise acts at the specific direction of the payor. Status: On January 24, the bill was introduced and referred to the Joint Committee on Labor and Public Employees.

Florida Senate Bill 582

Sponsored by Senator Nancy Detert (R – Majority)
This legislation provides a definition for an independent contractor for local business tax purposes. In this proposed legislation, an independent contractor must meet at least four of the following criteria: (1) maintains a separate business, (2) holds or has applied for a federal employer identification number (unless the individual is a sole proprietor), (3) receives compensation for services rendered and such compensation is paid to a business rather than an individual, (4) holds at least one bank account in the same of the business entity, (5) is able to perform work for any entity, or (6) receives compensation for services rendered on a competitive bid basis or completion of a task as defined by a contractual agreement. If four of the criteria are no met, an individual may still be presumed to be an independent contractor if the following are met: (1) The independent contractor controls the means of performing the services, (2) the independent contractor incurs the principal expenses, (3) the independent contractor is responsible for the satisfactory completion of the work, (4) the independent contractor receives compensation for work performed, (5) the independent contractor may realize a profit or suffer a loss, (6) the independent contractor has continuing business liabilities, and (7) the success or failure of the independent contractor’s business depends on the relationship of business receipts to expenditures. Status: On January 25, the bill was filed in the Senate.

Indiana Senate Bill 164

Sponsored by Senator Frank Mrvan, Jr. (D – Minority)

This legislation states that an employee who intentionally makes false statements to the Department of State Revenue concerning independent contractor status commits a Class D felony. An employer shall not classify an employee as an independent contractor for the sole purpose of avoiding the workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation laws. Status: On January 5, the bill was introduced and referred to the Senate Committee on Pensions and Labor.
Montana House Bill 84

Sponsored by Representative Carlie Boland (D – Minority)

This legislation provides that the definition of an employee does not include an independent contractor with respect to general obligations of employers. Status: On December 20, the bill was introduced and referred to the House Committee on Business and Labor. On January 21, the bill was passed 21-0 out of the House Committee on Business and Labor. On January 25, the bill was passed 80-20 by the full House.
New York Assembly Bill 2274

Sponsored by Assemblyman Bob Reilly (D – Majority)

This legislation amends the workers compensation law by stating that an independent contractor cannot be classified as an employee during orientation or initial training. Status: On January 14, the bill was introduced and referred to the Assembly Committee on Labor.

New York Senate Bill 630

Sponsored by Senator Daniel Squadron (D – Minority)

This legislation pertains to the payment of independent contractors. The independent contractor shall be paid the compensation earned in accordance with agreed work terms. The agreed work terms shall be reduced in writing, signed by both the client and the independent contractor, and made available to the Commissioner upon request. The writing shall include a description of how compensation earned and payable shall be calculated. A client who is found by the Commissioner to be in violation will be subjected to various civil penalties.

Status: On January 5, the bill was introduced and referred to the Senate Committee on Labor.

Oregon House Bill 2313

Sponsored by Representative Chris Harker (D – Even Party Split)

This legislation instructs the Bureau of Labor and Industries to study the development of an independent contractor definition for purposes of adopting by rule a determination of independent contractor status. Status: On January 21, the bill was introduced and referred to the House Committee on Business and Labor.

Oregon House Bill 2469
This legislation establishes a review processes for the Departments of Revenue and Employment based on finding that workers are employees and not independent contractors. The legislation requires the Interagency Compliance Network to work together to share information and increase compliance efforts. Several of the agencies within this network include the Departments of Revenue and Employment, as well as the Bureau of Labor and Industries. Status: On January 21, the bill was introduced and referred to the House Committee on Business and Labor.

Virginia Senate Joint Resolution 345

Sponsored by Senator Phillip Puckett (D – Majority)

This legislation instructs the Department of Labor and Industry to study the misclassification of employees as independent contractors. The study will review the status of employee misclassification and the consequences to the workforce, determine the amount of lost revenue to the state government, and determine strategies for improving improper classification of employees. Status: On January 21, the joint resolution was introduced and referred to the Senate Committee on Rules.

If you notice any one piece of legislation in your area that needs special attention or if you are aware of any local action being taken on specific legislation, please contact MCAA Government Affairs Director John Ferraro at 202-207-1121 or This way we can ensure a well-coordinated effort on behalf of the courier industry. We hope you enjoy this service, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

John Ferraro
Director, Government Affairs
Messenger Courier Association of America (MCAA)
750 National Press Building
529 Fourteenth Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20045
Office: 202-207-1121
Cell: 703-656-6171

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December 3, 2010

Serious Implications for No Signature on Deliveries of Tobacco

Attention Courier Companies

Recently the Obama administration signed the PACT (Prevention Against Tobacco Trafficking) which prevented tobacco sales on the Internet from being shipped through the mail.  A link covering the PACT act can be found here.

This provided an opportunity for the courier industry, as the PACT Act imposes certain limitation in which courier companies can easily overcome, one of which requiring signature verification for the receiving customer as reported here.

NAPAREX would like to inform its agents and the courier industry of the potential implications of making such deliveries of tobacco products with following these important requirements per the remaining provisions of the PACT Act.

  1. Packages must be properly labeled stating that the package contains tobacco products and that the recipient is responsible for any state or federal taxes owed.
  2. That any shipment not weighs more than 10 lbs.
  3. That an adult signature is obtained at the delivery address for every shipment. These signatures need to be kept for at least 7 years.

NAPAREX customers have requested that shipments be left without a signature and this is not acceptable by any agent, even if you are delivering for another company who is shipping tobacco and instructing to leave without a signature.

While it may be acceptable for some of NAPAREX’s competitors to ship without a signature and accept a release form, we must stand firm in our interpretation of the PACT Act.  Please be aware of the liability of your company, employees and contractors if you ship without this compliance.

The PACT Act was created to generate tax revenue and keep tobacco out of the hands of minors. If our industry is the one to deliver this product, let’s make sure we do it right and not cause any issues with the federal government.

Monte C. O’Hara


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This truck driver can really sing!

Truck drivers drive through many states coast to coast, sometime country to country, logging thousands of miles a day. Keeping a positive attitude on the road really helps ease boredom and fatigue associated with the courier driverss profession.

Take a listen on how a courier driver breaks the monotony of his driving job and actually has fun with some soulful singing. Click here.

Jason is a truck driver making deliveries for Gamble Parts Dart Inc. serving Birmingham, AL. Drivers like Jason are typical IC (independent contractor) drivers that NAPAREX may use for courier and freight delivery.

NAPAREX provides National Courier Services and National Delivery from any city to any city in the United States and most cities in Canada. We provide a variety of service levels for your critical package delivery. Our IC drivers can move a package from New York to Los Angeles in less than 8 hours!

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August 18, 2010

NAPAREX Provides eCommerce and National Retail Delivery Solutions

NAPAREX is poised to service local and national ecommerce and retailers through our growing agent network of over 270 national agents.

By offering Delivery Service Nationally or local courier service such as our New York Courier Service, NAPAREX is likely your best solution.

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Hayley O'Hara

July 9, 2010

The Challenges Severe Weather Brings to a National Distribution Service

Anyone who is a part of a delivery company understands the challenge severe weather brings to the success of a courier company, especially a new york courier serivce. A national distribution service such as Naparex faces the challenge of battling all of the elements throughout the year. While a local or regional courier company in the Midwest for example can be prepared for blizzards in the winter and flooding and severe thunderstorms in the summer, Naparex must be prepared for weather conditions across the country at any point in the year.

When customers request direct service during inclement weather it is the expectation that dispatch and the courier will do everything in their power to get the package there quickly and safely. When a threat of a severe storm is in the area dispatchers often have to have their eye on the radar so that they can warn both the drivers and the customer of a delay in service.
While a lot of businesses have the opportunity to shut down during severe inclement weather; like the snow storms that pounded the Midwest and east coast this past winter, a courier company is not one of them. We have to be available for the work that businesses that stay open need done and for the residents who can’t leave their homes.

This sort of work is managed in a few different ways. Naparex relies on websites like the Weather Channel website to alert us hours before we are to expect any serious weather. This way we can try and get our scheduled deliveries finished with early for the day if possible. This also gives dispatch the opportunity to line up drivers that have vehicles available to handle the elements. Most important, dispatch will monitor the road conditions by visiting a number of different state’s websites, this way we can keep the driver’s safe.

Become a fan of NAPAREX on facebook, and get updates on all the latest happenings.

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May 19, 2010

Marketing a Local Business on the Internet

When you’re trying to promote your business through local search online, there are several different components that you can combine in order to create the overall most effective strategy. Performance in local search is going to be achieved by combining several different elements.

Building Listings and Links

When you’re trying to get your site to perform better in the local search results, you need to split your work between your own site and other sites. For example, things that you can do on other sites which can help to improve the results of your own pages include:

  • Building place listings or citations that include your address, contact information, and phone number in a consistent fashion. For example the business below provides SEO services to businesses in Chicago, and this is their citation:
CCS – Internet Marketing – Chicago SEO Company
200 N. Harrison Street #106
Algonquin, IL 60102
Phone: 1-847-594-7488
  • Build links back from other sites to your own page. Remember that when building links, even when focussing on local search rather than simple, overall SEO performance, that the quality of the links is more important than sheer quantity
  • Build content which helps to showcase the knowledge that your company has. This builds brand trust whether you’re offering a product or a service. Video content is now shared in so many ways through sharing sites, cell phones, and social media sites, that this can be one of your best ways of creating content. Search engines are also putting more emphasis on great content, increasing the importance of video all the time.

Working on Your Site

There also things that you have to concentrate on that more closely involve your own site and this creates the other half of your total marketing plan for local search results.

  • Build an email list. Although these have traditionally been used for direct sales for websites, this may be an overused tactic that no longer breeds trust. Instead, think of using it as a tool for building a relationship by communicating with your customers.
  • Ensure that all of your contact information is listed completely on your website, including your address and phone number.
  • Work on the onsite optimization factors, targeting local keywords. This could account for up to 30% of your site’s performance in the search engines.
  • Driving paid traffic to your site. Using pay per click marketing is an important part of the overall toolkit that people use to drive traffic to their site. This can be an easy way to lose money unless you do your research first however, so be sure to take the time to do your homework before delving into PPC.

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Hayley O'Hara

May 18, 2010

Blackberry Applications Useful in the Courier Industry

blackberry-tour-sprintSince graduating from college this past December and tumbling heals over head into the business world I have found my Blackberry has been a blessing more than a few times! I have begun to depend on my smart phone in a number of different situations and even when I don’t have the solution right at my fingertips I can find a way to get it! That is why it amazes me when I try to discuss the blackberry apps with my co-workers in the courier industry and many look at me with a blank face. ‘Apps’ They ask. Of course I am referring to applications, which can be found by visiting the Blackberry App World. There are roughly 100,000 applications available for the Blackberry and many have the ability to boost productivity in the courier world. Instead of sending anyone unfamiliar with the apps available to blackberry into a world in which 100,000 exist I thought I would provide the top 5 blackberry applications I find beneficial to those in the courier service industry.

1. amAze This application is one of many that are free to download and use. While many can’t fathom the idea of spending the money on a GPS Navigation system or even a monthly fee for GPS on their cell phone the truth of the matter is that everyone at some point in time will be lost. Those in the courier industry are known for the amount they spend traveling and someone who runs a Chicago Courier Service is not going to have the slightest idea of how to navigate through Los Angeles. Enter amAze; it is free, simple and quick. Not to mention it has features such as local search and built-in weather. And as an extra perk, a library of speed traps posted by other users.

2. WorldMate Live Another free application! After this winter it is safe to say that no one in any part of the country is immune to being affected by the snow. Sitting in a small airport in Des Moines, IA and every flight is cancelled into the next week? You will sigh with relief when you remember that you downloaded WorldMate Live. Available hotel rooms, flight tracking, itineraries, currency converting and the weather where you are heading or on a bad day..where you are staying, are all available in this application!

3. Blurts Pro The pro version will cost you $5.99 but there is a “Blurts” with less features that is free! This is one of my personal favorites and allows all of those Bluetooth users to put them to use while sitting in front of their computer. When a notification comes to your phone you won’t even have to take your eyes from the computer screen; instead the Bluetooth relays the information to your computer where you will have the opportunity to reply to SMS Texts from your computer, be notified of a new e-mail and also have the ability to answer or ignore incoming phone calls all with a few clicks of the mouse!

4. Visual Voicemail Free. Someone running a New York Courier Service probably receives several voicemails per hour and many of them are important and must be saved only to find later that that same voicemail has to be listened to again before moving on to the new one. Visual Voicemail allows you to scroll through voicemail messages much the way a person would scroll through text messages. The caller or number is identified and it makes it easy to pick and choose between the voicemails that need to be saved and those that can be deleted; plus it allows access to a specific voicemail in a hurry!

5. Pandora Free! While this one may not increase productivity per say it can provide you with an escape during an especially long tough day at work or a long flight. Pandora radio allows you to type in a favorite song or artist and it will create a station that plays only music that is similar to that song or artist. It can play through your blackberry speakers or you can just plug a regular pair of headphones into your blackberry to transform it into an MP3 player of sorts. I especially love this application because it gives me the opportunity to discover new artists and songs.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Blackberry applications that can make your life productive, easier and a little bit fun!

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Hayley O'Hara

May 14, 2010

Could there be a National Entrepreneur’s Day?

EntrepreneurshipIt only makes sense for America, a country whose success has come from its entrepreneurs and their willingness to take action and work hard to reach their goals and dreams. Siamak Taghaddos, co-founder of Grasshopper (a virtual phone system designed for entrepreneurs) strongly believes that National Entrepreneur’s Day should be day recognized on the calendar.

It would be a day in which the country honors entrepreneurs for the hard work they do. It makes sense to me; we honor administrative assistants for the work they do and mothers and fathers for the dedication they have shown. Why not give credit to the entrepreneurs of this country. The courier industry is especially rich in innovative and determined entrepreneurs; surviving in one of the oldest forms of business takes all of the talent an entrepreneur has to offer as the CEO of Naparex, Monte O’Hara, is well aware!

So what are the steps being taken to make March 20th, 2011 the first National Entrepreneur’s Day? An online petition has been started to ask President Obama to agree to create this day. To receive President Obama’s attention to the goal is to gather 1 million signatures for this petition. 1 million signatures sounds like a lot but with the help of social networking website Twitter there is currently. A Twitter Petition to the First Ever President on Twitter”, now the goal doesn’t seem so far out of reach! Business blogs all over the country are picking up this story and including the links in their blog and on their twitter accounts to get this petition through! Many prominent entrepreneurs have already lent their support by signing the petition, including WordPress’s Matt Mullenwed.

It is a really exciting idea that entrepreneurs all over the country are working together to be recognized by their country for their hard work and dedication!
So if you believe, like we do, that entrepreneurs deserve a day of recognition then visit this website and lend your support!

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May 10, 2010

7 Steps to Targeting Your Local Online Market

Every business owner knows that, without good marketing techniques, a business can fail very quickly. For this reason, business owners need to focus on all aspects of the marketing spectrum in order to achieve the highest possible level of success. Today, we’re concentrating on local online marketing; something that many have heard of, but often don’t fully understand. Below, you will find seven helpful tips that can increase your customer base exponentially.

1.)It’s all about the web. If you don’t yet have a business website, you need to get one. It doesn’t have to be flashy, loaded down with content, or even storefront integrated, but it does need to be optimized for the search engines and easy to navigate. Your potential customers will be using this to find information about your business, so put yourself in your customer’s shoes and make sure that the information is available.

2.)Website promotion IS necessary and don’t let anyone tell you different. Sure, a website is inexpensive to maintain, but if you don’t promote it, then it’s still a giant waste of your marketing dollars because it isn’t going to be doing its job. You can use SEO, PPC, social networking, E-Mail, and link building campaigns, but they must be quality. Any good internet marketing company can give you ideas on how to promote your website. Remember, you are trying to get people into your store. People are not impressed with poorly written content or links on pages that they will never see, so keep a focus on quality.

3.)Getting listed in Google Places is one of the best ways to help boost your local business. Many refer to this center to find businesses in their area, read reviews written by real people, and find out general information.

4.)Launch an E-Mail campaign. Though you do have to set up an opt-in list on your site, once it’s been established, it’s a great way to guarantee repeat business and even new business!

5.)If you want to reach a wider client base, a great way to do that is with joint promotion. You can discuss this option with another business in your area. Contrary to what you may believe, partnering with a business similar to yours doesn’t mean that you are going to lose business. It means that you are going to increase business. Capitalize on it.

6.)If you are not yet one of the millions that utilize the social network sites, you’d better get with the picture. The social network sites, like Twitter and Facebook, are great tools that can help you keep your customer base informed. Every new item, amazing sale, contest, joint promotion, and upcoming product should be posted for everyone to see. The best thing about social networking? If someone likes what you have to say, let’s use Facebook as an example, all of their friends will know it because it will show up on their wall. Don’t you want to know why your friends like something? Yeah, it increases business almost effortlessly.

7.)Keep it up. Once you start bringing in hoards of customers, don’t stop there. You have to maintain that client base and you can’t maintain if you give up your efforts.

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May 3, 2010

Does Google Places Provide A More Effective Business Search?

decalWith the weight of competition on their backs, Google finds themselves constantly creating new ways to keep their spot at number one. When new features have been exhausted, what do you rely on? How about a more effective and reliable way for your clientele to find what they need.

Over half of the population today relies on what they can find online. Many of us are constantly on the go, in a rush, running late and have no time to spare on slow search engines that provide results that are the complete opposite of what we actually want to know. In an effort to provide more accurate and useful information about local business, Google decided to put an advancement on their, already effective, local businesses search; thus, Google Places was born.

Not only does Google Places allow you to pinpoint the location of a business while also obtaining all relevant information such as: what products/services the business offers, phone numbers, addresses, etc., it also provides in depth details on the extent of the services offered. Knowing exactly where a business is in relevance to where a customer may be allows for effective time management.  Being aware of what areas a business may cater to and the hours of operation allows a customer to become knowledgeable of how convenient a visit to the business may fit into their schedule.

In this busy day and age a person’s needs tend to outweigh their wants. Active individuals demand entities that allow them to execute the most convenient routes in getting what they need. Keeping up with these requests is not only a job for the internet world, but a job for the local business whose primary focus is to satisfy their healthy clientele and market their local business online.

With Google Places, certain features allow a business to engage their customers in the business world. Google Places provides the opportunity for a business to accommodate their customers by supplying them with information on their websites, specials and any events that may be taking place. Another advanced feature permits a business to provide printable coupons to prevent the customer from having to look through a newspaper or voucher book for a good deal.

Any business that is out to build their database of repeat clients is encouraged to get their company on one of the best searches out there as one of the steps in quest to rank if you’re a Chicago SEO comapny. Google Places is a recent upgrade to the once known local business search Google offered and is already a major hit among the business world. Every business must remember: Competition doesn’t sleep. So basically, if you snooze, you lose.

Try this.  Take your smart phone and scan this image with your bar code reader.  This is  called a QR Code.


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May 1, 2010

Local Courier Service

A local courier service is the same thing as a same day delivery service.  A courier service can be a short distance delivery of an enveloppe or a long distance haul of large parts.  Typically courier companies are a time sensitive delivery business and offer a higher quality sensitive delivery route.

There are several different types of local courier delivery services.  There are motorcycle couriers, bicycle couriers, cars, trucks of all sorts, rail and airplane.

Local courier services range in their service delivery area from a few miles around a city to national couriers services such as Naparex.  A same day delivery company will typically use independent contractors or employee drivers to move the packages.  The contractors are under certain guidelines to ensure a quality and time sensitive delivery.

It is not uncommon for a local courier service to utilize the services of other same day delivery companies.  In many cases, many deliveries require the use of several different existing delivery mechanisms, such as using one courier service in one city, then linked through the Internet to the airlines and communicate a pick up and delivery in another city.  This can be done from one side of the country to the other in 8 hours, from the time of the call to the delivery.

There are many local courier services in the United States.  They range in size from one driver to several hundred, some in the thousands of drivers.  The typical size of the average local courier service in the United States is estimated to be around a $2.5mm business and according the US Census bureau, there are roughly 8,500 local same day delivery services in the United States.

Courier Services such as Naparex use several hundred regional and local couriers around the country to move packages.  Using software to ensure quality, Naparex is the only company to employ sophisticated technology to use most optimized delivery route.  Naparex also owns and operate 8 of their own physical warehouse hubs in 7 states.

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Hayley O'Hara

March 12, 2010

USPS Considers Eliminating Saturday Mail Delivery

It is no surprise that the United States Postal Service finds itself in a growing amount of debt. The ability to write and publish this blog is in itself an example of the technology that is running the postal service into the ground. E-mail, newspapers, magazines, bank statements and bills are all available electronically causing the dramatic decrease of 213 billion pieces handled in 2006 to a projected 166 billion in 2010. Those in charge of the postal service’s sustainability have been working toward one goal: decrease the postal service’s growing debt. One of the solutions the postal service plans to propose to congress is cutting their Saturday Mail Delivery, service. Many find the Postal Services proposal to be something that they can accept and understand; but there are many more who find this unacceptable. Most can’t fathom the idea of waiting two consecutive days before receiving anything in the mail.

This leaves a large gap for a courier service like NAPAREX to fill. The majority of courier companies offer courier service 7 days/week including holidays and many operate 24 hours a day; businesses that are open on Saturday and in need of receiving their mail could be handing this work off to a courier company. There are a number of other services that depend on Saturday mail service; an example would be the popular online movie rental Netflix. Saturday delivery of rentals to their customers would seem a vital aspect to a business that provides what many would consider a “weekend activity”. With the competition Netflix faces they would probably find that the end of Saturday delivery wouldn’t be beneficial to their business and they may find that a courier service would be the best bet to get their rentals where they need to be on a Saturday!

One thing is for certain, the United States Postal Service needs to do something quickly or they will be in too deep to be dug out, but many question if this is the answer.

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March 9, 2010

What is a Courier Service?

deliverymanA courier service is an organized business that provides a unique delivery experience of packages and documents that range in size from an envelope and multiple skids. A courier service is typically much faster delivery time than other methods typically provided by companies such as DHL, FedEx and UPS. The courier service industry is a fairly robust industry in the Western world with over 11,000 courier businesses in United States of America. Courier service industry is one of the oldest industries which has been around since the need to deliver messages over great lengths. In today’s world of international business, a courier service is a pivotal to we used in everyday business. Services such as the fax machine enough of simply complemented the great need of delivery or physical products.

Courier service industry in the United States is a $59 billion industry and the largest player being United Parcel Service delivers more than 1 million packages globally each day. The average courier company in the United States does approximately $2.5 million a year in volume. The courier service industry in the United States is a very fragmented industry that has failed consolidation of several attempts. There are little barriers to entry into this business with very little government intervention compared to other regulated industries.

Most courier companies in the Western world use independent contractors move packages. It is estimated that up to 80% of businesses in the United States use independent contractors were delivered. These independent contractors utilize their own vehicle to make a direct route of delivery and get paid a percentage of the revenue. They are typically responsible for all their own expenses and essentially an independent contractor is running their own business.

Companies that use a courier service range from attorneys two major parts manufacturers. Consumers are beginning to utilize courier services deliveries and white glove delivery is from retailers and e-commerce stores. Courier service industry can move practically any package across the country in the same day and many couriers are beginning to offer national retail distribution.  This industry can also deliver and set up furniture, goods, electronics and other products through a service called white glove delivery.

By utilizing multiple couriers and other cities, integration of technology, and existing infrastructures such as the commercial airline industry, a national network has been created compete with the overnight carriers and offer same-day delivery in the United States.

With the increasing demand of consumers, courier service industry is poised to join the retail and e-commerce industries. Online retailers like Amazon, offering their local express delivery service, have begun to provide same day delivery to their customers.

With increasing technology, courier service business and provide electronic tracking via GPS with electronic signature capture from the point of pickup through the point of delivery from any point in the country. This means that customers and track their packages and real-time and receive real-time delivery and pickup notifications. By utilizing existing wireless technology, existing commercial infrastructures such as the commercial Airlines, and existing courier businesses with independent contractors, this industry and deliver the same quality of service is the major players with their own network.

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January 26, 2010

Courier Services are Changing with Technology and Safety

Recently announced, those who drive vehicles in the transportation industry and courier services industry are going to be federally banned from texting under federal guidelines that the US transportation Sec. Ray LaHood announced.

“We want the drivers of big rigs and buses and those who share the roads with them to be safe,” LaHood said in a statement. “This is an important safety step, and we will be taking more to eliminate the threat of distracted driving.”
This is effective immediately.

Those drivers who choose to text while conducting their commercial vehicle can receive the civil or criminal penalties up to $2750. This is received from the Department of Transportation in a news release.

There was no further information on the release on how prohibition will be enforced on the federal basis.
As recent as September 2009, the Transportation Department launched a website located at to raise awareness of the sheer magnitude of the dangers of this corrected drivers.

During this month, January 2010, the national safety Council President Janet Froetsher announced the creation of the ad as a group named FocusDriven.  This is an organization that sports the families from those victims of distracted drivers and this is a nonprofit organization That Is Modeled after Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

It is said that drivers take their eyes off the road for at least 4.5 seconds out of every 6 seconds while they are texting. This means that if driver chooses to text their eyes off the road at least 75% of the time.  There is a clear correlation with research that shows drivers who text are at least 2000% more likely to crash their vehicle.

As of January 2010, there are at least 19 states have passed laws banning texting while driving. Six of these states including the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands, completely ban the use of any handheld device while conducting a motor vehicle.
Included in this push, Pres. Obama signed an executive order requiring all federal employees do not text while driving any government-owned vehicles or government-owned equipment. This took effect January 1, 2010.
Information from the national Highway traffic safety administration, indicated more than 5900 people died in 2008 in automobile crashes that involved a driver that was texting, and there were at least half 1 million individuals in the United States that were injured.

In light of this new law, it is highly recommended and encouraged at every single independent contractor and driver in Courier and transportation industry do not utilize any of their devices while conducting their vehicle. When providing courier services, a driver to pull over to the side of the road to communicate with their electronic device.

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November 27, 2009

Driving to Save Fuel

Many drivers don’t realize that there are changes they can make in their daily driving habits which will make them save gas. This translates to a direct impact on the environment, especially if these habits were adopted by millions around the globe, as well as direct savings in your wallet as you spend less on fuel. Naparex is a same day courier service company that is committed to the “green” concept, being more fuel efficient and environment friendly, trying to pass on the savings to our customers.

Here are ten tips that can help you be a gas saving driver. 

  1. You have to keep your tires inflated. When your tires are low your fuel consumption actually increases a great deal. Something else that many people don’t realize is that there are low resistance tires you can purchase which also improve mileage. These aren’t really suitable for driving in inclement weather, but can make great summer tires in an urban area.
  2. Look in your trunk. Next, take out everything you don’t need on this trip.  Extra weight in the car means that the car needs more power to travel at the same speed you usually travel at. This means higher fuel consumption.
  3. Look into alternative fuels. Fuels like ethanol and even bio-diesel can improve the environmental impact that you can have, and bio-diesel can also be incredibly affordable.
  4. Simply put, slow down. Going just a little bit over the speed limit can increase your overall fuel consumption over the course of a long trip by up to 10%.
  5. Upgrade your car. Car technology is improving all the time, and even without moving to a hybrid you can get a much more efficient car by upgrading.
  6. Share your car by using a service, or on your own. Services like Zipcar provide a great alternative for people who don’t need a car every day. Also, some people are organizing their own car shares.
  7. Carpool. Carpooling has been one technique for saving fuel that has been advocated for a long time for a very simple reason – it works.
  8. The Four day workweek. Not only does this save on gas, it’s been shown to increase worker efficiency to the point that States are even discussing making laws to help companies find it easier to allow this type of structure.
  9. Use Transit – The most environmentally friendly and cost effective suggestion on the list.
  10. Work from home. The number of people telecommuting is increasing exponentially. Imagine how much gas you can save by just not having to leave your own home to go to work every day.

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November 23, 2009

The Changing Postal Service

The current trends in the economy have been hard on everyone, but particularly hardest hit has been the Postal Service. In the last year alone, the Postal Service lost what amounts to billions of dollars. Of course, this has required the powers that be in the government and within the service to consider new ways to cut costs and to increase revenues.

The first and most commonly discussed method for decreasing the costs of maintaining the Postal Service has been that the service should potentially reduce mail delivery to only five days per week. Postmaster General John E. Potter feels that this reduction is going to be one of the best ways to help curb the spending that has put the service billions of dollars in debt.

Despite this being one of the principal strategies being considered for helping to right the financial ship of the Service, the voice of the American people suggests that people are more concerned about the potential of their local post office’s closing than they are about this potential reduction in service. While the Postal Service has acknowledged that concern, they have stated that these closures represent only a very small piece of the overall puzzle, and that no sites will likely close before January.

Other steps which are being discussed, and some of which will certainly be implemented, include restructuring of the Postal Service network. This will likely bring about a reduction of employees that are working for the Service, but will also include refitting the delivery fleet with newer, greener, vehicles that will be more fuel efficient and therefore cost much less to run. Hiring a courier service to deliver your time critical packages is not a bad idea given these circumstances.

 A large piece of the overall strategic picture has been the potential for Post Offices to sell and bring in revenue from things other than just stamps. Courier Services are begining to compliment and replace postal services.  In an interview, Potter did not disclose exactly what he thought the Postal Service should be selling, but it is clear from the numbers alone that extra revenue of some kind is going to need to be found in order to help balance the books.  Perhaps it’s same day courier services?

The changing face of how we communicate has also changed the postal service. Potter has made it clear that moving forward into the twentieth century, the public, lawmakers, and the workers within the Postal Service all have to accept that the service is going to change. The important thing is to discover what it must transform into in order to continue providing an important service to the entire country.

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Hayley O'Hara

November 19, 2009

Amazon Same Day Delivery Brings Competition in Line with Bookstores

Although Amazon has emerged as the most powerful bookseller in the world, they do retain a certain amount of healthy competition from their brick and mortar rivals. Physical bookstores typically do even better against the online giant as we get close to the holidays, and people have less time to accommodate long shipping times.  They call this service Local Express Delivery.

Amazon has come up with a strategy to make shopping even more convenient for last minute Christmas shoppers by offering a same day delivery option in major centers. This newest service is only currently available in seven cities, but three more will be added shortly. The cities the service is currently available in include Washington D.C., Las Vegas, Baltimore, Seattle, Boston New York, and Philadelphia. The first expansions to the service area will take place in Indianapolis, Phoenix, and Chicago.

For many people, the worst part about last minute holiday shopping is having to contend with the throngs of people that are out picking up last minute gifts. This is something they will be able to easily avoid with this new same day shipping option from Amazon. The offer is going to extend as late as 1:00 PM Christmas Eve, making last minute shopping from your home computer simple.

The prices of the new service will differ depending on the type of account that you have with Amazon. Anyone that is an Amazon Prime Customer will only have to pay $5.99 per item that they want shipped the same day. While others will face higher rates, they will still get the same quick turnaround time on shipping.

The best thing about the newer service is that it is going to open up the usefulness of shopping online in a much more practical way. The problem with the online method of making purchases is that most sites always require you to wait to get your products, something that has driven many people out to a brick and mortar store. That barrier is now being removed.

The only problem that people have so far with the service is the amount that it costs to get this same day service. A Goldman Sachs analyst by the name of James Mitchell does predict that those prices will be dropped in the future though. Once more people become aware of the new service and their shippers are able to keep up with the demand, the price for this same day shipping should become more accessible to the average shopper.

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November 15, 2009

How to Be an Environmentally Friendly Driver

There is a lot of motivation to strive to be more environmentally friendly in most aspects of your life these days. There are tax breaks for buying environmentally friendly products and using energy efficient products, and you can save a lot of money on fuel costs. This certainly applies to driving as well, so here are some tips to try and make sure that you’re having the most efficient ride possible.

  1. Always maintain the proper inflation in your tires. If you look at your tires you will be able to see printed on the tire itself the proper inflation pressure. The lower your tires, the more fuel you burn, and you can also make yourself less safe on the road.
  2. Adhere to all posted speed limits. People don’t realize that just by going 10 miles faster than the posted speed limit you can burn as much as 10% more fuel, making your trip much more costly than the few minutes you gain are probably worth.
  3. Get regular tune ups. Poor spark plugs, air filters, tires that need to be rotated, or transmission fluid problems can all cause you to have a less efficient car.  
  4. Take your time accelerating. You don’t want to just jam the gas pedal when taking off or you will burn excess fuel.
  5. Stay out of traffic. Starting and stopping uses more gas and puts out more pollution, so if you can drive in lighter traffic conditions you will have a more efficient ride.
  6. Get regular oil changes. Every car is different, and if you follow your recommendations as laid out by your manufacturer you should not only get better gas mileage, but will also have a vehicle that will last longer.
  7. Don’t bother with premium fuel. Certain cars require it in their engines, but other than that, you get no benefits from it, and only end up causing more pollution and costing you more money.
  8. Don’t carry unnecessary goods in the car. The more weight you have in the car with you, the more fuel every journey will consume. Unload anything you don’t need with you on that particular trip.
  9. Don’t use your air conditioner unless you absolutely have to. Roll down the windows or turn the fan on before you try the AC, as it will increase both the pollutants you put into the air, and the amount of fuel that you burn.

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November 11, 2009

A Great Courier Can Save You Time and Money

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just a person or in charge of a large company, if you find the right courier service, it can save you both time and money. There is a very large difference between the costs and delivery times from the best in the business and those that are at the bottom of the industry.

Everyone needs something delivered at one time or another. Companies all have their busy seasons and during the holidays, who among us doesn’t suddenly have a need for shipping something across the country as fast as possible? If you have a great courier at your disposal, you won’t have to worry about dealing with these types of situations.

The thing about the best in the business is that they often have a way of getting your package where it needs to go faster than you thought it might get there. A great business tip is to see if you can get faster delivery times even when you’re not in an emergency situation. You might be surprised at how much your clients appreciate getting their orders early.

There are courier companies of all shapes and sizes, and they can all be good, or bad. Choose based on the service you require, and the service you get, not the size of the company. For someone needing to have complicated multi-drop shipments made across the country, the best answer might be an international courier company that has employees in a widespread network in every major center. For someone who just does business within their city, a small operation consisting of a few guys and their own cars might be able to provide you with a better rate.

If you have a great courier, don’t just think about the money that it can save you. You also have to take into account the savings that you can make in time. After all, you didn’t start a business to spend hours having to try and get the best quotes on shipping or calling a hundred different couriers. You started it, because you have something you do well, or enjoy doing. Your hours are better spent on that then trying to find a courier.  Go ahead, so a search for courier service.

Once you have a great courier company, you’ve done most of the work. All you have to do is call them, let them know what you’re shipping, and they can quickly let you know how much it will cost, and when they can pick it up.

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November 9, 2009

Courier Service Blog Looking for Authors

Naparex, LLC provides a courier service blog intended on being a resource for courier and same day delivery related news and events.  The Courier Service blog is fed to dozens of online news feeds and read by hundred of people daily.

Naparex is looking for guest writers.  We are looking for unique content that is related to the courier industry and same day delivery business.  There are some benefits to being a guest writer on the Courier Service Blog.

Courier Service Blog Benefits

  1. Personal Exposure as an Authority – The Courier Service blog is moderated.  We won’t allow blatent promotion or low quality material.  This blog is viewed as an authority source and writers are well regarded.  This enhances your writing image.
  2. Do Follow Links – Guest authors are allowed to include up to two links with anchor text to the online properties of your choice.  The Naparex blog does very well in the search engines and by having a link back to your own site helps you with the search engines.  As the Naparex blog does better, so does your site.  The more you write, the more links you acquire.
  3. Great Resource to Exposre Theme Related Material – The courier industry is only so big, and by further exposing yourself on many courier related sites, you ulitimately increase your business by having increased online exposure.
  4. Offering a Great Service – The problem with so much information on the Internet is finding it.  The Naparex Courier Service blog is a great place to come and find one source of information.  You’re contributing to a great free service for people.

To Become a Courier Service Blog Writer

  1. Send an email to along with your first, unique article or sample of your article.  You will be assigned a username and password.  Either we can get the article online for you or you log into our WordPress Blog and post the article yourself.
  2. Your article must be at least 400 words in length.  Your article must be related to the same day delivery business or courier industry.  Your article must not be a promotional piece and must offer value to a reader.
  3. Naparex reserves the right to edit any article submitted. 
  4. Your article needs to be unique, it doesnt’ not have to be original.  This means that you can not copy and paste an article that is already online.  You need your own words.  You can rewrite an existing article, just make sure you use your own words.  There are tools we use to check this.
  5. You are not limited the number of pieces you require to send.  Therefore, you could write 5 articles a month or one article a year.

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Hayley O'Hara

November 7, 2009

Recession Friendly Tips for Saving Money with Your International Courier

The recession may be slowly fading, but unfortunately the international business climate is far from a place where companies can stop worrying about their expenses. When you have to watch where the money is going, it can really help if you can find a few cost cutting techniques.  Same Day Delivery companies vary in size and services.

The interesting conflict in the current business age is that you have to do business with a wider customer base in order to keep most businesses running. Of course, the wider your client base, the more you have to spend on shipping in order to serve those clients. That is why one of the most useful money saving tips to apply is ways to save with your shipping. That way you can still ship all over the world without losing the extra profit on your shipping expenses.

Here are five ways to save money with your international courier service company, as opposed to local courier service.

  1. Combine your shipping with other companies. You’re not the only company shipping overseas, and also not the only company that is trying to save money with their shipping. The larger load you’re shipping the better rate you can get, so always look for ways to combine shipping with other companies.
  2. Just ask! Many people forget that the simplest way to get a better rate in many cases is to just ask your courier company. They’re not going to give it to you out of the goodness of their heart, but often if you ask you will find that they do have room for negotiation in their rates.
  3. This rule is similar to number 1. Ship the largest orders you can possibly ship, as volume always brings a discount when shipping. Try not to ever ship just a single package as you will find that the shipping costs are much more prohibitive.
  4. Don’t limit yourself to just one courier company. The more companies you talk to and the more quotes that you get, the better the chances are of you finding a better shipping rate. Also, don’t be afraid to take your best rate to another company and see if they can match or beat it, this is a great way to get better rates.
  5. Use a courier consultant. Many people don’t even know these services exist, but these are professionals that specialize in hiring couriers for their clients, so they have a large database of couriers and their rates so that they can find the best one for your purposes.

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November 3, 2009

The Value of Customer Service

The exceptional thing about so many different businesses is that they don’t have products which are reviewed, ranked, or given awards, and so, are completely successful based on the quality of the customer service that they can provide to their customers.  Local Courier Service is an industry that requires a quality customer service department.

In a business like the courier service industry which is built upon service, a great customer service rep is what makes the difference between a one time, and a return customer. The strength of a brand is built in the strength of its people.  When a company has great customer service people on their staff, this can be the number one factor in the building of a strong organization, and yet these people are seldom recognized or acknowledged for the hard work and dedication which makes them an integral part of the business team. 

The best customer service representatives are those which are trained to make sure that every single dealing that a customer has with a company is one that they are going to walk away happy from. The best service reps are those that are trained in service first, as they are the ones that will go that extra mile to be sure they can find a solution to a customer’s problem, no matter what they have to do to get there.

Service professionals deserve recognition for their hard work.  Without having the people that are dedicated to making sure that you have smooth dealings with a company, imagine how difficult it could be to get even the simplest request fulfilled. Transactions could take twice as long, more errors would be made, and all told, most customers would spend their time constantly looking for better companies to provide them with their desired service.

 The other reason that customer service representatives deserve such accolades is because they are the one common denominator across every single industry and profession.  No matter what your area of speciality, there is something that your business will have in common with every other. You will both appreciate immensely any interactions you have with a company when you are greeted with great customer service, and you will also have your own success determined by the excellence of your customer service staff.

Naparex professionals are highly trained and dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service possible. This is the reason that they are so worthy of appreciation from all quarters!

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October 27, 2009

Ten Important Facts about Same Day E-Commerce Shipping

E-commerce and same day shipping are two industries which are beginning to merge in several ways. Knowing about the systems that are in place and the changes that are coming is important for anyone involved in either industry. Armed with knowledge, a company is better suited for tackling and making the most of the coming changes.

  1. There are companies that offer same day shipping throughout the majority of the country. That means that a customer can place an order for courier service and, within 24 hours, have their order delivered into their hands. There are several companies that offer this service. A good example is Naparex, which can be reached at 1.877.577.1603.
  2. The same day courier industries combination with the e-commerce industry relies on using different technologies simultaneously. Airline travel, transportation logistics, wireless communications, and secure online shopping are all important parts of this equation.
  3. Speed of communication is key to the way these industries are coming together. It can take literally only minutes for a customer to order a product online. A few more minutes, and the company has contacted the courier to ship it. A few more, and the courier has wirelessly dispatched their delivery team. Then it is only a few hours and the delivery is complete.
  4. Software is an important tool to a same day delivery company. A courier software like Xcelerator allows them to wirelessly dispatch their drivers to begin making a delivery immediately. They also enable functions like signature capture, a useful feature for many e-commerce shippers.
  5. Local Express Delivery companies use a number of resources to ship a single product. They will use airlines to ship goods that have to travel the length of the country. They also use vans, cars, and bike messengers. It is the combination of all available methods that makes prompt shipping so possible.  Couriers join in a courier social site called Couriers of the World.
  6. The courier drivers working for a same day courier like Naparex are actually independent contractors, not employees of the company. This opportunity provides over a hundred thousand jobs across the country.
  7. Bike messengers might seem like a small part of same day transport, but they are essential. They can make fast deliveries in the bustling downtown cores of any city. Any same day courier is going to have an important portion of their group of couriers made up of bike messengers.
  8. Amazon is the largest online retailer to announce a new system of same day shipment to their customers. This service is going to be called Local Express Delivery. Local Express Delivery is going to expand in the near future, but is only going to be available in seven cities initially. Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Las Vegas, New York, Seattle, and Washington DC will be able to use this service.
  9. Convenience and speed are the two things customers want most. As a result of this inevitable merging of industries, they are now going to have access to the best combination of both factors ever made possible. By using a great same day courier, any e-commerce business can meet those consumer desires.
  10. If you don’t want to be left behind, you will find a reliable courier company to help you achieve your goals of same day delivery for your customers. Within the next two years, many E-commerce businesses will be jumping on the bandwagon. If you want to compete, be one of the first.

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October 21, 2009

Bicycle Messengers in Chicago

doored_sculptureBicyle Messenger Services in Chicago are nothing new to the city.  In fact, the mayor of the city, Mayor Daley, has implemented the Bike 2015 Plan, whereby increasing the number of bicyle messengers in the city by 25%.  Today, bicycle messengers in Chicago deliver more that 1.1 million packages annually.

It’s one of the most dangerous jobs in the country.  Considering the Courier Service industry is the 8th most dangerous job in America.

To learn more about Chicago Courier Services and Messenger Service in Chicago, please take a look at the resources on this nifty page!

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October 1, 2009

Naparex coordinates International Logistic Deliveries

Contact by Naparex in desperation to move a tractor trailer of office sitel_photoequipment from a remote location in Canada to three separate locations in Alabama and Mississippi, Sitel Corporation breathed in relief as the shipment arrived early, in perfect condition and under budget.

With over 65,000 employees worldwide, Sitel is an organization that provides call center services to fortune 500 corporations.  When they have to move a site with 400+ computers, desks and a variety of office equipment from one location to another, Naparex is now their preferred carrier.

Whether they are shipping Internationally, such as Nicagara, the employees of Naparex did not say, ‘sorry, we can not do that’.  We took the challenge to coordinate the entire delivery working with some of the best referenced agents around.

Whether you require Courier Service, logistics, distribution or warehousing services, Naparex is a company that is willing to extend and say yes.  Through our large network, experience and contacts, Naparex is a great choice for those difficult deliveries.

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September 8, 2009

Naparex Needs Agents NOW!

Since Naparex is an online broker, Naparex does not manage or hire it’s own driver, bikers or walkers.  All the work is delivered via it’s distribution channels.  Therefore, we need several agents in each market.

We would like you to submit your rates via our agent portal in exactly the format described.  Please note that there are different tiered levels of agents, based on different criteria, such as your software capabilities.

Our volume is picking up and we need agents in almost every major city in the country.  If you own a delivery business in any of the top 50 largest cities, you should complete the application.

Email inquiries should be sent to monte @ naparex . com or click to fill out the application form.

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August 30, 2009

Libraries Save Big Using Statewide Courier System!

There have been two major studies conducted in the last ten years on the efficiency of using a statewide courier system to facilitate the transfer of materials between libraries. The first of these studies was conducted in 2004 and the second in 2006-2007. The purpose of these studies was to conclusively show that the use of a statewide courier service was saving libraries money over using any of the available services to ship their goods. The study was also used to determine the extent of those savings. In both studies, the emphasis was placed on studying the goods that were shipped, as this is where the majority of cost was incurred when shipping with the exception of a small amount of COD orders.

The studies compared the cost of the statewide New York courier services to those of the most commonly used large shipping services: FedEx, The USPS, and UPS. Neither study was analyzing a complete picture of all of the libraries in the State. Instead, they were trying to extrapolate approximate results based on a sampling of both public and academic institutions.  The results in both studies were similar in many ways.

Although it was shown that it was difficult to come up with accurate figures based on either, the population served by the areas or the number of stops on the courier routes, the average amount determined to be saved was significant. In 2004, the study suggested that up to 1.4 million dollars was saved by libraries as opposed to the cost they would have faced by using the next least expensive option – the US postal service. In the later study, the suggested savings created by using the State courier service dropped somewhat, to $600,000 – $1 million. These savings were being compared to the USPS, and it should be clear that the cost would increase greatly if the libraries were using a service like FedEx; the most expensive option. In 2006-2007, the estimated maximum difference between the cost of the courier and the cost of FedEx could have been as much as $2.1 million dollars.

The use of a statewide courier or a national courier service that offers statewide courier service saves money on both ends of the transaction between libraries. The proof of this is shown in the interlibrary traffic increase. There is a group of libraries between Colorado and Wyoming that uses statewide couriers and, between 2003 and 2006, the number of requests made by that system of libraries tripled; showing that public and academic institutions are taking advantage of these savings. This, in turn, is making the library system as a whole more viable so that the public and students can have all of the materials they require quickly and easily.

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August 27, 2009

Funny Courier Service Videos!

After our post last week about a national courier service commercial, we received several comments about how our agents and customers enjoyed the single video.  So, just for some fun we thought we’d entertain this week with some other top videos we found on the Internet.

Courier Service goes Wrong!

Don’t Try this Courier Service Solution!

Sure, we’ll promote the competition!

Sure, our National Courier Service will even deliver Ice Cream!

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August 25, 2009

Just some fun with Courier Services

Naparex Courier Service is in the process of creating it’s first television commercial for National Courier Service in the United States.  We will be launching two commercials, testing in specific markets, in the beginning of 2010. We will consider testing these commercials areas such as New York Courier Service, Chicago Courier Service or Los Angeles Messenger Service areas.

We will be using Google TV Ads to launch our commercials on the Dish Network, which allows us to highly target our audience segments.  We’re excited to try this service from Google and mix some old with new age marketing.

While discussing and brainstorming ideas, we thought we’d check out some videos and commercials from courier services in Europe.  Here is a video we loved!

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August 16, 2009

How can a Courier Service move a package across the country in the same day?

The courier service industry is the second oldest industry, when foot messengers and birds transported messages from one location to another.  While slower to adapt, the courier industry has seen tremendous improvements and changes.  The concept of delivering something of importance in a timely fashion hasn’t changed, but the packages and delivery method have changed significantly.


In the early days, typically a courier service moved messages, at the time called messengers.  The introduction of the telephone threatened the industry.  It only continued to grow.  During the industrial era the industry begun to see changes, moving hard goods, banking and financial paperwork.  With the boom of corporate growth and companies such as FedEx and UPS emerging in the mid 1900’s, those in the courier service industry felt threatened again.  It wasn’t until the 80’s the next threat of the industry arrived, with the fax machine.  In the 90’s it was email.  The National Courier Service industry is now over a 60 billion dollar industry in the United Statesand has experienced growth on average of 9-11% per year since 1997. 


It was the push of technology that really made a huge impact in level of services that a courier company could offer.  Courier software allowed for efficiencies in the dispatch room, requiring fewer drivers and dispatchers, driving costs down allowing the services to further compete with the next day services.  The Internet pushed it further, eliminated bodies in the call centers by offering online order entry and tracking.  GPS, bar code scanning and electronic signature capture only pushed these firms closer to the efficiencies that the next day guys enjoyed.  In the past 15 years, these couriers are now competiting head to head with the big three, UPS, FedEx and DHL for overnight service. 


With the near collapse of the airline industry in the early days of the new millennium, airlines were starving for cash, inviting these locally based couriers to move packages state or nationwide.  National Same Day Courier Service was born.  Software plugged directly into the flight schedules of the airlines along with other technology advancements only pushed these small mom and pop firms to provide their clients with same day services nationwide.  Some courier service companies easily grew to over $20 million firms.  Some are over $100 million.


Imagine you’re on your way to the office in Mahnatan looking for New York Courier Service and you receive an email on your iPhone, you’re sales rep’s demo unit crapped out in Los Angeles, hours before a big presentation.  Your competition is in their and you know you don’t stand a chance without the prototype.  At precisely 7:04 am in NYC, you pull up your iPhone app, push a couple of buttons and 68 seconds later ‘your order is confirmed’ is displayed on your unit.  You breath, relax knowing that your courier service is going to deliver the prototype to you’re rep’s office before 9:30 am Los Angeles time.


Same Day National Courier Service is born.  Whether the order is placed through the telephone, internet or mobile, the order details are sent to a dispatcher in NYC.  While plugged into the central airline database of flights, the dispatcher determines the package will take 35 minutes to get picked up and dropped off at the JFK airport to make the 8:03 am flight from JFK to LAX.  The driver is immediately dispatched, using GPS to avoid traffic and contruction, the package is picked up at exactly 7:15am EST and scanned into the wireless system.  Both the sender and receiver are emailed of the pick up.  The driver arrives at JFK with seconds to spare before the flight is closed and the package is in the air within 30 minutes of being dropped off at the airport.  Both the sender and receiver received email confirmation that the package is on the plane.  With a four hour flight, a driver is eagerly waiting on the package at LAX before the chance to pick it up.  The package is then rushed to the receiver, with a total time of delivery in less than 6 hours, yet travelled across the third largest country in the universe!


There are many courier services for your to chose from including Chicago Courier Service, but be careful.  The turn over rate of courier firms is high, many have very poor on time delivery ratios and pricing is all over the map.  When chosing a courier service, ensure consistent positive reviews which can easily be found online.  Ask for their on time delivery rate and ask to speak their customers.  Find out if they are lying.  There are several online firms to check and compare rates. 

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Hayley O'Hara

June 4, 2009

Risks of the Independent Contractor Model

Many local and national courier companies rely on the independent contractor model to successfully operate their business. In recent years abundant attention has been focused on the use of independent contractors by several different groups, among those groups is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as well as other federal and state labor agencies. These groups are looking closely at how companies are classifying their workers in an attempt to be sure the company is not avoiding taxation and other employee-related expenses. Class action lawyers have also joined in the advance by suing companies in the transportation industry as well as other industries.

Because of the recent spotlight and focus on the independent contractor model, companies are becoming frequently targeted by government agencies, plaintiff’s lawyers and unions. A company being targeted can find itself with unwanted publicity and unionization by existing workers and because of the previously lax laws regarding worker classification many companies are finding themselves in trouble and fines because of their misclassification. 

Several states have passed laws or are initiating legislation related to proper worker classification. Any Indianapolis Courier company and Pittsburgh Courier Company is going to have to be sure that they are not misclassifying their employee and independent contractors because both the state of Indiana and Pennsylvania introduced new legislation to take aggressive measures against worker misclassification.

There are important factors to remember when you own and/or operate a company that relies on the independent contractor model.  One of the most important being the use of properly worded formal written agreement between the independent contractor and the company. This agreement needs to highlight the rights of each party, the services that will be performed and many other facets of the business. The written and signed agreement needs to be kept in the contractor’s file along with other important documents to help distinguish the contractor from an employee if it is ever called into question. Contractor’s files should be looked at annually to check for any adjustments that need to be made. Taking a proactive approach with this issue is the best way to protect against the enforcement measures that are anticipated by state and federal legislation and the financial problems that could result.

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Hayley O'Hara

May 7, 2009 Offers New Resource for IC’s

courierboard_logo is offering a new resource to support the Independent Contractor Model. has over 7,500 drivers with resumes to choose from. A company that uses Independent Contractor drivers can benefit from this resource because they will be able to maintain a diversified group of contractors and companies will reinforce their independent contractor status.

Independent contractor drivers can register for free on their own site, to create online profiles that include their resume; making it simple for them to apply for driving contracts  and to market themselves with driver available ads. Courierboard keeps an online summary of each driver’s advertising activity so that couriers can monitor that as well.

Courier companies are encouraged to reinforce their independent contractor drivers’ efforts to market and advertsie themselves; by maintaining a diverse contract base the a driver is more able to support their independent status. If you are the owner or operator of a Baltimore Courier Service, a Miami Courier Service, or any courier service in the U.S. you can benefit from this website.

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Hayley O'Hara

April 21, 2009

Couriers of the World

A new website has been launched that will reach many people involved in the same day couriers business. is a website that was created with the intent to bring together individuals who are a part of many different aspects of the same day courier business. Members would include company owners, drivers, couriers, messengers and anyone else involved in the day to day operations of the same day courier industry. The best part is that the membership is free!

The website seeks to tailor its content for those in the same day courier business and they will find news, challenges, ideas and concerns that are relevant to those in the industry. Members will have access to discussion groups with topics that will be of interest to them and they will be aware of events happening near them. They will also benefit from social tools such as live chat and the capability to post and view videos.

Many will find that despite the distance and difference in cities and operations between the two companies they will share many of the same fears and challenges. An employee or independent contractor of a Chicago Courier Service now has the chance to offer someone who is a part of a Boston Courier Service some advice or helpful tips. This is an exciting opportunity for everyone involved in the same day courier industry or a national courier service to meet and network with others who work in the industry.

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Hayley O'Hara

April 13, 2009

The SBA Offering Online Resources

The Small Business Administration is assisting entrepreneurs and small business owners in this period of economic turmoil and recovery by offering a number of online classes that outline ways in which businesses can remain profitable and sustainable. The free course covers topics such as revising business plans, marketing and diversifying in the struggling economy. One of the recent courses offered was titled “Downshifting in a Slowing Economy: A Business Planning Guide”, this course helps business owners reorganize their business strategies. The courses are all self-paced, so even those who are incredibly busy can find time to educate themselves and the courses offer business tools such as business plan templates and an assessment and strategies guide for surviving the slow economy. Those who own a New York Courier Service or a courier service anywhere in the nation will find an abundance of solid advice throughout the courses to stay on top of current economic conditions.

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Hayley O'Hara

MCAA Name Change




The Board of Directors approved a new name for the Messenger Courier Association of the Americas (MCAA). The new name “MCAA-The Expedited Transportation and Logistics Association” reflects the position the association holds as the leading organization representing courier companies in the same-day delivery industry.
The MCAA-The Expedited Transportation and Logistics Association was founded in 1987 and has spent its years promoting and advancing the common interests held by its members and those involved in the same-day national courier service.The association has been discussing the name change for several years and recent industry surveys imply that MCAA member’s business operations are shifting. The fundamentals of the courier business such as delivering letters and packages across town are still available but courier companies are now offering more regional and national 24 hour or less deliveries. Because of the growing capabilities of the courier companies nation-wide the association is recognizing their need to grow and expand with its members.

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Hayley O'Hara

Legislation Affecting the Courier Industry

The courier service industry has been facing many challenges at the federal level in the past year and it looks as though it will continue to face those challenges throughout 2009. President Barack Obama and the Democrats have been working to push legislative agendas to the forefront. Two of those agendas are threatening to the courier business. The first would affects the way an employee driver based company would operate. The “Employee Free Choice Act” takes away a worker’s right to privacy when voting whether or not to join a union. A union would then be able to organize just by a majority of the workers signing a card; this is called a “card check”. The MCAA along with 500 other associations has joined the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace to oppose this legislation.
Those businesses that base their operations on independent contractors are also facing a serious threat. A legislation is being drafted to intensely modify if not eliminate the independent contractor model altogether. There will be congressional committee hearings and markups regarding this issue. The MCAA has been actively opposing this legislation as well. On March 5, 2009 in Washington, DC they hosted a MCAA Lobby Day, attendee’s were able to speak with their congressional office about the issues affecting the courier industry.

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