August 8, 2013

Proper Wedding Gift Etiquette

One of the most delightful and fulfilling family gatherings is that of a wedding in the family. This is the time for reunions and happy congratulations, often celebrated by the event attendance and the giving of gifts. If a family member cannot attend the blessed event, what is the protocol and etiquette for the sending and receiving of wedding gifts? First of all, it is always appropriate to immediately send a gift by the Courier Service at the first receipt of the wedding or shower invitation. This enables the gift giver to have first choice in the registries and not have to search for a budget friendly gift.

NAPAREX - Wedding Etiquette

What gifts are appropriate for a wedding? Many times the bride and groom will register with local venues for their most anticipated items. China, silver, dinnerware, household items, furniture that is selected by the bridal couple, and bed linens are just a few of the necessary items needed to establish a household. Glassware, baking sets, wall art, room accessories, electronics including televisions, and kitchen appliances are all now included in the wedding registries. In addition, gift cards to stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot for the yard and garden tools and plants are a helpful addition to the wedding gifts.

For the deliverance of the wedding gift, do not wait and bring the gift to the wedding. This will give the bride and groom one more responsibility on an already stressful day. There are always last minute details for the couple to remember and someone will have to babysit the gifts, as there are ruthless thieves that attend wedding receptions for that intent and purpose. To reduce the stress for the couple, have the gift delivered by the Courier Service at the address they have requested on the registry. If you are sending a check, address it to the happy couple and send it by courier to ensure its safe receipt.

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