Hayley O'Hara

October 5, 2011

NAPAREX Donates Delivery for Extreme Makeover Home Edition

NAPAREX had the opportunity to provide the program Extreme Makeover: Home Edition with a delivery to their build site in Salt Lake City, Utah. When NAPAREX was presented with the opportunity to deliver a piece from Los Angeles, CA to the build site we couldn’t wait to help the Extreme Makeover team with their efforts to provide a deserving family with an excellent home! We partnered with one of our excellent agent partner, PAMS National Messenger to complete this delivery quickly and efficiently!

As most of you probably know Extreme Makeover: Home Edition spends every episode chronicling the story of a family in need or very deserving of a new home. ABC and the makeover team put together a large group of contractors, builders, electricians, plumbers, etc. who are all donating their time for the project; combine that with a large amount of donated supplies and you’ve got the resources to build a terrific house. The episode that aired this past Sunday 10/2 featured the Gomez family. Jessica Gomez is raising two young children, one of which suffers from a very rare blood disease. He has been hospitalized more than 20 times and understandingly the medical bills are hard to keep up with. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition heard their story and had to help; not only did the program provide them with their very own home but additionally built an income property next door to help provide extra income to the family.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition represents more than just providing a family of merit with a wonderful home; it also shows what can be accomplished when multiple companies and individuals combine their resources. NAPAREX is proud to be a part of the network of companies and individuals who came together to assure the Gomez family had an awesome place to call home.

If you happened to miss this week’s episode…you can watch it here!

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