Consistent and Predictable Results

NAPAREX is a vision of seasoned veterans from the same day delivery business. Providing same day delivery and distribution of products as small as an envelope to a truck load of skids, NAPAREX is built with efficiency in mind. We can move a package across the city or across the nation quicker, safer, more reliably than your current provider, it's a promise we'll make.

Peace of Mind

The technology we use at NAPAREX is paramount to our initial vision and is hands down the best available technology on hand. We know because we sought up and down for a solution that is out-of-the-box and not a single provider could provide us what we wanted. So, we made modification, and many of them. We are offering the first, true ecommerce experience for this business in the United States. With real-time signature enhanced delivery notifications, electronic invoicing, one-click auto logins, GPS tracking, bar code scanning, electronic warehouse sorting and much more, NAPAREX is your choice for the best technology, enabling us to claim leadership.

Unique Vision

Today NAPAREX is the most widely recongnized leading provider of same day delivery, logistics and distribution services in the United States. We have a vision to drive the demand of same day delivery services through education and partnerships with many retailers and distributors around the globe. We will be the first company to offer global same day delivery and

we see that we will do this with a service level, commitment and peace of mind that no other company will ever achieve.