National Same Day Delivery Services, from Direct Package Delivery to Overnight Parcel Delivery

NAPAREX provides a variety of services for a variety of time-sensitive delivery needs. Whether you need a service that provides gift delivery, logistics of your retail distribution or simply a same day delivery service on a city, national or international level, NAPAREX can handle all of your delivery needs.

Local Courier Services
NAPAREX provides local courier services to every city in the United States and most cities in Canada. We provide a variety of service levels for your time sensitive deliveries. We ensure your package arrives on time in a safe and professional manner.
National Courier Services
NAPAREX provides National Courier Services and National Delivery from any city to any city in the United States and most cities in Canada. We provide a variety of service levels for your critical package delivery. We can move a delivery from New York to Los Angeles in less that 6 hours!
International Delivery
NAPAREX provides International Delivery and International Courier Services from anywhere in North America to practically anywhere in the world. Offering the fastest shipment possible to a relaxed delivery schedule, NAPAREX is poised to handle all of your International delivery needs.
Logistics Services
NAPAREX provides Logistics Services, Logistics Management and Transportation Logistics to businesses in the United States. If you have a business requirement to manage the flow of goods, information and other resources between several points, NAPAREX is well positioned to provide logistics solutions to your company.
Distribution Services
NAPAREX is a National Distribution Service provider with distribution services in many major cities in the United States. With forward moving technology, NAPAREX provides spot-on distribution services providing you with a peace of mind that the distribution of your goods are being delivered on time, every time.
White Glove Delivery
NAPAREX provides white glove delivery with in-home delivery and light assembly of most furniture and related items, including the removal of all packaging materials.
Retail Distribution
NAPAREX provides retail distribution services for many businesses that are reducing inventory carry costs. NAPAREX can build a retail distribution strategy to fit your business needs, whether it be local or national.
eCommerce Distribution
NAPAREX provides integrated same day delivery solutions to eCommerce stores. Whether it's integration into your Yahoo! eCommerce or XCart eCommerce software, NAPAREX can provide same day delivery to your customers, increasing your customer value.
Home Delivery
NAPAREX provides home delivery services can be made nationwide. We maintain communication with state-of-the-art technology ensuring that your delivery arrives on time... every time!